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Load-shedding has devastated Pakistan

The energy crisis has devastated Pakistan–a country so young and powerful, a country that has been able to stand tall, proud and resistant to come what may, ever since it was born in 1947. Pakistan is the country that did not let herself fall down to the greater problems she faced after The Partition. It survived. It survived well due to the honest leaders and committed determination of its population.

The Brave Students of a Failing Country

Do you know of any third-world country that despite unending political, religious, economical and social crisis, keeps on setting world records in almost every field? No? Well I know of one–Pakistan. With great pride, I announce that Pakistan is the only country that in the last decade has achieved the highest number of world records academically. Let’s start with Ali Moeen Nawazish, who set a world record by scoring 21

The Top 5 Pakistani Batsmen of All Time

I’m sure you’ll all agree that in Pakistan it’s difficult enough to even comment on a comment on an article about cricket, let alone compiling a list of cricket’s top 5’s or 10’s. But here I am doing just that. Why? because I love living on the wild side!! :D Before I move on, let me clarify one thing: this list is in no particular order. Just as the cricket

Pakistan – There’s Still a Lot to Love About It!

“Failed state“, terrorism, corruption, killings and oppression are among the terms that define Pakistan around the globe.  Is this all Pakistan is about? I don’t think so.   So what is it about Pakistan that raises hopes, makes us optimistic, and tells us that we’re going to make it out of this temporary rough patch in the road? Even before finishing the first paragraph of this post I can see the

Will Pakistan Premier League be Successful in Bringing Back International Cricket Home?

It happened about 35 years ago and changed the game forever.  The world of cricket owes a huge debt to Kerr y Packer for launching the World Series Cricket.  He brought the yet unknown elements like loads of money and fan-fare to bring the excitement back in the game.  Then, in 2008, Indian Premier League (IPL) did the same and more.  This new face of cricket had obscene amount of

4 Nation Hockey Tournament Cancelled – When Do We Get To Host Again?

There was a time when we had sporting action all year round.  Teams and players from all nations loved to come to Pakistan for memorable contests and great hospitality.  Then, on March 3, 2009, this all changed.  The Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked in Lahore and this incident sent shock waves among sports fans and organizations around the world.  This unfortunate incident had far reaching consequences for sports in

List of Airline Hijack Incidents Involving Pakistan (With Photos and Summaries)

Aircraft hijacking is also known as skyjacking or sky controlling. It is an unlawful takeover of an airplane by an individual or a group, usually for fulfilling their demand or demands. While in a hijacked state, passengers are under constant threat for their lives. Hijackers usually take the plane to a destination of their choice and from there often negotiate or begin their series of threat. There have been many

List of Airline Crash Incidents Involving Pakistan (With Photos and Summaries)

Even though flight safety is the priority of the aviation authorities, but still unexpected things do happen. There have occurred many air crashes around the world involving all types of aircrafts and airlines. Still, there is no aviation authority can give 100% flight safety, mainly because of the non-human conditions and external factors, like weather or operation of an aircraft, etc. Here is a list of airline crash incidents involving

Make Money Online With Information Products

Do you want to make money online without having to rely on advertising revenue? Are you tired of promoting other people’s products and do you wish you could sell your own instead? Then why not go ahead and do it? Selling your own information products is one of the best ways to make money online. Let’s take a look at why selling information products can be a better option for

List of Prime Ministers of Pakistan Since 1947 (With Photos)

Prime Minister’s post was created at the time of Pakistan’s independence. Since the post of Governor-General had not been abolished permanently at the beginning, Prime Minister initially did not have all executive powers. After the assassination of Pakistan’s first Prime Minister, Liaquat Ali Khan in 1951, there came seven different Prime Ministers within a period of six years and all of them were from Muslims League except Sir Feroz Khan