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Life & Style

It is definitely summer time!

Without doubt, this season got to be the worst time of the year. I observed behaviors of different people for a few weeks (indoor and outdoor) and here is what I learnt about how they are in summers: 1)    Aunties who have spent their entire life in Pakistan, but you hear them complaining as if it is the first hot day in their life. How to spot them: They’ll be

A Toast To The Marriage Business

Everybody has heard that ‘marriages are made in heaven’. They happen when they have to, at the right time. Or rather, when it’s meant to be. It is written. It really is! But in Pakistan, some parents and families still think that it is impossible to get the two people hitched without the famous rishtay wali khaalaas and khaaloos (marriage consultants). Recently, I met a far-off relativ e who is

The Desserts of Pakistan

One thing you will never see a Pakistani skimp on is dessert. Sitting at a table with a lavish three/four/five (you can continue the count to infinity and you still won’t be wrong) course meal, you would expect nothing to follow except for maybe a steaming- but tiny- cup of green tea to wash it all down. However, sweets have become- and maybe always were- such an integral part of

6th Karachi Film…oops a Literature Festival Indeed.

Think of Lollywood. Which name immediately strikes in mind? Yes, she was a surprise guest in one of Karachi Literature Festivals’ sessions. The curiosity of the crowd faded away as the glamourous Meera was ‘stopped by security’. Transaction or Transformation in Film or TV was a session packed like sardines, held on the last day of the 6th KLF. Do movies help in building societies, keeping in mind the heavy

Nothing else to do? Let’s get Junaid Jamshed!

These are the worst of times. I sometimes think perhaps these are the times which the Prophet (SAW) warned us about. The time where ‘Fitna’ will be common and will be initiated by the Ulema and will end in them as well. All you need to do is look around you to understand how true this is today. There are fatwa’s after fatwa’s that negate each other, people without knowledge

Things Pakistan Had In My Childhood

Let me be frank with you. I am not a young man or a teenager in college, or even a university student. I am a middle aged man and today I want to write about my life growing up. Yes, during the 80’s and the 90’s! And yes when there were no mobile phones nor any internet! You must have seen the posts floating around on Facebook that we 80’s

HAJJ: A Spiritual Journey

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is compulsory on every adult, able bodied Muslim who can afford it, once in his life time. It is an annual pilgrimage constituting many rituals; which are mostly sunnahs of various prophets. As described by many pilgrims Hajj is more than a cluster of rituals, it is a spiritual journey that brings one closer to his creator, explains the essence

Polish the Box

Pakistan has always been a home to natural disasters as well as political instability. Since 1947 we have been facing wars, partition, water and food crisis, health issues, terrorism and unstable government. I always remember my grandmother, when we all were able to shift to our separate homes she still kept her wooden box in her mud house although she had been living with us in a much bigger cemented

My “Hissa” this Bakra Eid!

It’s almost that time of year! The smell of fresh cow dung will soon fill the air… everywhere! The butchers will hike up their service prices, bakra jokes will be all over social media, and the question ‘kitne ka liya bhai?’ will be the conversation starter at every gathering. Yes my dear brothers and sisters its almost slaughter time, I mean Bakra Eid! The Qurbani Routine Every year it’s the same

What about your Akhirah?

One of the things that is supposed to make us walk the right path is the fear of Akhirah, the Day of Judgment; when Almighty Allah will judge our actions and decide where we are to spend the rest of eternity. Either enjoying the breathtaking gardens and rivers of Jannah, or roasting for our sins in the burning dungeons of Jahannam. Where we will end up is our decision, and