In the ever-expanding scandal-ridden landscape of Pakistan my favorite one yet is the Malik Riaz saga! It’s really an amazing tale of “idiocy” on the part of the players and ineptness on the part of the system. How it all Began… The story begins one fine day with a certain Mr. Malik Riaz – a [...]

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Scams and frauds worth billions of rupees by our leaders have become extremely common now days. Whereever you go, which ever channel you turn to there is mention of one scam or another. From the hudaibiya paper mill to NICL to the Hajj scam to the ephedrine drug scam, we have a whole portfolio of [...]

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The last time we showed some signs of life as a nation was during the lawyers’ movement for reinstatement of CJP.  Once again, the time seems to be ripe for a strong push to topple the status quo (girti deewar ko aik dhakka aur do).  There is no shortage of pied pipers begging to lead [...]

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General elections are just around the corner (hopefully) and most of the discussions in the media and among the masses are occupied by two themes: disenchantment with the way things are and skepticism about any change in the future.  However, there is a relatively new phenomenon that may prove to be a challenge for the [...]


Wikipedia is a good source of getting superficial information on anything. Besides, whenever you Google a word or a phrase, be it related to anything, the first few links that it will show, will surely either have a Wikipedia page about it on the top or at number two or three in the links that [...]


As you all know – or should know – by now, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has found our beloved Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, guilty for contempt of court because he did not send a letter to the Swiss authorities to reopen the corruption cases against our, even more beloved, President Asif Ali Zardari. [...]


The President of Pakistan is constitutionally the head of the state. The recently passed 18th Amendment has restored Pakistan’s government system as democratic, whereby the President is chosen by the Electoral College, which consists of the Senate, National Assembly, and the provincial assemblies, for a five-year term. Thus, the President of Pakistan is truly a [...]


Before I start on this topic, I would like to make it clear that I admire Imran Khan and believe that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is the party to look out for in the next elections. I also believe that it is the only party that might actually be able to bring about some real, desirable change. [...]


The Real Pakistani

by Absar on May 29, 2011 · 12 comments

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Some time ago, I was engaged in a small discussion with a Lebanese man while sitting in Makkah waiting for prayers. Upon telling him I was a Pakistani, he proclaimed, ‘Oh! You mean Indian! Their women wear sarees and nose pins and your women do the same. Both of you speak Urdu, share the same [...]


Who knows better than a Pakistani about traffic jams that get suffocating and horrid as soon as a VIP decides to saunter their way down the town with their battalion of guards and various onlookers. In simple words, we know how much discomfort we face when a high class politician or celebrity makes a point [...]