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Pakistan’s Attack Submarine Fleet to be modernized by Turkey

An STM press statement shows that the Turkish government-owned defense contractor won the contract for upgrading three Agosta 90B-classic diesel-electric attack submarine provided with air-independent thrust systems. It also stated that these submarines are currently being used by the Pakistan Navy. The deal was finalized on 22nd June in Rawalpindi where both, the Pakistan’s Ministry of Defense Production and STM were present and supervised the contract. Executives from the Turkish

Deal between Pakistan and Turkey for Super Mushshak trainers is finalized

Defence production ministry spokesperson, Durya Amir said that Turkey has finalized a deal with Pakistan to buy Super Mushshak trainers. He also said that two other defense contracts between the two countries are also in the final stages. In collaboration with Turkey, development of a fleet tanker for the Pakistan Navy has also been finalized. Durya Amir stated that: “The deal [for Super Mushshak trainers] is in the last stages