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Ten Unforgettable, Irresistible Top Rated Android Applications

It’s because of Google Android’s open source nature that applications become easy to access and download for users. If you know how to do coding, it’s even easier to share applications of unique nature for others. In this brief post, you’ll be able to understand the availability and amazing features of the top ten Android applications. Unlike its rival Apple, Android makes applications and upgrading a lot more convenient and

India Beats Pakistan at the Asian Champions Trophy Final

First of all, my verdict: I genuinely believe that when a match comes down to penalties, be it in football, hockey or any other game, both teams should be named champions. A penalty shootout is a lot about luck and is essentially the skill of one player deciding the whole team’s fate. I’m not saying this just because I happened to be a Pakistani and I don’t want to give

The History of the Compilation of The Qur’an

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Islam is the fact that the source book of this religion, the Holy Qur’an, has existed unaltered in its entirety for over 1400 years.  Many people find this fact hard to believe and several have tried to prove the contrary.  However, a close examination of the history of the Qur’an and the process through which it has been preserved clearly shows that the

Pakistan Fighting Back Against Zimbabwe!

Update: Pakistan won the match by 7 wickets. It has finally begun. After all the controversy that Pakistan has been through recently they are finally back on the pitch (where the team actually belongs) and not at press conferences! Also FINALLY the batting side has clicked. Yes, I know the pitch is flat and there is very little turn but come on that does not mean we do not give

Waqar’s Out – So is Afridi In?

We all heard the news a couple of days back that Waqar Younis resigned as coach of the Pakistan Cricket team. I don’t know about you but it came as a surprise for me. With Afridi out, Misbah the captain and a plan for the twenty-fifteen cup I honestly thought that Waqar would stay at the helm till the next cup. Waqar, became coach in March 2010 after our lovely

The Charter of Madinah – Mankind’s First Written Constitution

Throughout the history of the world, all countries and nations operated under certain laws promulgated by their founders/rulers.  From the codes of Hammurabi to the constitutions of today, treaties have evolved significantly over centuries. Many historians consider the English Magna Carta to be the first written constitution; however, according to the research of Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah, one of the most eminent Muslim researchers and scholars of the 20th century, the

Why Only Kaneria and Shoaib Malik?

OK, guys. This is going to be one those rants where I may end up stepping on some sensitive toes. I’ve tried to control myself, but I must get this off my chest! Today I’m going to discuss the ongoing integrity committee scanner currently pointed at Danish Kaneria and Mr. Sania Mirza…..Oh! I mean Shoaib Malik. As you guys might have heard by now, the former Pakistan team captain and

Asim Butt – Talent Gone Too Early

Asim Butt goes down in history as one of those artists whose work lives on stronger after his death. A well known artist in Karachi and beyond, his work was aimed at showing the underdogs of society, providing a glimpse into the world which many privileged people fail to see. He started the Karachi branch of the Stuckism International art movement, promoting figurative paintings in opposition to conceptual art. Early

Fruit Fritters for Ramadan

Everyone is familiar with pancakes but most people aren’t aware of fritters which are very similar, but deep fried and filled with either vegetables or fruits. This versatile dish is super easy to make and is the ideal accompaniment to your next iftar this Ramadan. Fritters are present in European, American and Asian cuisine. They can be savoury using corn or potatoes and can also be sweet by using a

Pakistan vs. India, another Face Off – The SAFF Championship Final

Yeah finally!! some good news from the Pakistan football camp. Our boys just triumphed in the under-16 South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Championship finals. The final, played on the 10th of August in Kathmandu, Nepal saw Pakistan face off with arch rivals India, whom they beat 2-1. “OK! So what’s the big deal” you say? Come on people! I know it’s just a South Asian Championship but hey, we have to start