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Where We Stand?

Every day news channels help us a lot to unveil the corruption of a leader, organization, stakeholder and each and every case. We know the destination of projects, aid and our tax. I think news channels know all about leaders but they explore it when time has been gone; so they better know how to keep and convey information. I am not going to talk about any leader and his

Being Pakistani

I often hear from people; I live in Punjab but I don’t know how to speak Punjabi, I am seraiki but I don’t understand what Attaullah sings, My parents are Pakhtoon but I don’t know Pashto, I live in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa but I don’t know about famous foods there, I am Kashmiri but I don’t know about the beauty of snowy December and most pathetic statement I ever heard is

Polish the Box

Pakistan has always been a home to natural disasters as well as political instability. Since 1947 we have been facing wars, partition, water and food crisis, health issues, terrorism and unstable government. I always remember my grandmother, when we all were able to shift to our separate homes she still kept her wooden box in her mud house although she had been living with us in a much bigger cemented