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Who Owns Our Pakistani Television Channels?

Is our media really unbiased? Are the news reporters and journalists who we look towards to find out what is happening in our beloved homeland really presenting a factual and objective picture?  Or are there hidden puppet masters in the background with their own personal agendas who control what we watch in order to manipulate our emotions in order to reach their own secret goals? Knowing who owns the media outlets can

It Pays to Pay Your Taxes in Pakistan….Really?

I recently came across a piece of news that our government is rewarding the tax payers. Great, isn’t it?! But when I went through the details, I wasn’t so sure about the virtues of this move. According to the news, the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) identified 400 top tax payers and the prime minister announced rewards for them in the form of a privilege and honor card that carries several

What do Qur’an and Hadith Say about the Second Coming of Jesus

The second coming of Prophet Isa/ Jesus (peace be upon him) is one of the major signs to appear before the Day of Judgment.  Muslims and Christians believe that Prophet Isa/ Jesus (peace be upon him) will be sent back to our world before the judgment day and he will perform certain tasks. “The Hour will not come until you see ten signs: the smoke; the False Messiah; the Beast;

You can Eat Beef and Still Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control

We have been told over and over that red meat is bad for the heart. The saturated fats in red meat are considered to be a contributing factor to high blood pressure. Now, after hearing all the bad press about beef and other red meats, what if someone told you that you can keep your blood pressure under control and also eat beef. A little skepticism is understandable but you

The Real Purpose of Fasting

Before we do something, we want to know why we are doing it. What is the benefit of doing it?  You must have read and heard a lot about the purpose and benefits of fasting such as health benefits and spiritual objectives, etc.  But all of these pieces of information are based on our limited understanding and our limited knowledge.  Let’s see what Allah (SWT) tells us about the purpose

A Surprising Relationship Between Ramadan and the Stock Market

Could you have ever imagined any connection between Ramadan and the performance of stock markets?  As surprising as it may be, a recent study revealed that in countries with a majority of Muslims, the stock market returns were nine times higher in Ramadan as compared to the other months.  The findings of this study also show that market volatility decreased during this time too.  Wow! Of all the benefits of

Feeding the Poor in Ramadan – It’s You and I, Not the Government

Ramadan is the month of reflection, soul searching and refreshing our iman. It is also the month to try to save ourselves from the hellfire. One of the acts prescribed by the Prophet (SAW) for this purpose is sadaqa (charity). According to the Prophet (SAW), “Charity extinguishes the sin just as water extinguishes the fire. The man’s prayer late at night has the same effect.” The Prophet (SAW) said, “Every

Preparing for Ramadan: Focus on Food for the Soul Not the Body

“Ramadan is only a few days away and I haven’t even started preparations. What am I going to do?”  Most of us have heard similar frantic self-talk before the beginning of Ramadan.  Contrary to what one might assume, this anxiety is not about preparing the body and soul for Ramadan; it is about the Ramadan menu and all the iftari and sehri ideas and prep.  Every year before Ramadan, I

Hindu Terrorism: A Real Threat to India

The term ‘Hindu Terrorism’ (also known as Saffron Terror) came into the limelight in 2010, when Wikileaks reported a statement by Rahul Gandhi to the US ambassador to India.  While talking to the US ambassador, Rahul Gandhi said, “Although there was evidence of some support for Lashkar-e-Taiba among certain elements in India’s indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups, which create religious tensions

Al Khwarizmi – The Father of Algebra

It was one of the golden periods of Islamic history when the Islamic empire stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to India, under the rule of the Abbasids.  Baghdad was the world’s center of learning during this era. The House of Wisdom in Baghdad was the stage where a famous Muslim scholar was engaged in translating all the known Greek scientific works of the time into Arabic.  He was to become