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The hottest flavor of the summer reaches Lahore

Are you bored of the same food over and again? Do you want variation in your food? Do you want your taste buds to try something innovative and different? Are you up for a change? Are you a foodie? Are you looking for a food revolution? If your answer to all these questions is YES, then congratulations. Your prayer has been answered. LAHORE, get yourself prepared and geared up for

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Pakistani Diaspora transfer an all-time high of $60 million to mobile phones back home

Today ding* announced that $60 million of airtime has been transferred to Pakistan since the company’s launch in to the market, making the nation one of the world’s highest receivers of international mobile top-up. With mobile phones playing an increasingly large role in education, banking and productivity, it come as little surprise that Pakistani migrants are moving towards international mobile top-up as the preferred form of remittance. Since the company’s