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6th Karachi Film…oops a Literature Festival Indeed.

Think of Lollywood. Which name immediately strikes in mind? Yes, she was a surprise guest in one of Karachi Literature Festivals’ sessions. The curiosity of the crowd faded away as the glamourous Meera was ‘stopped by security’. Transaction or Transformation in Film or TV was a session packed like sardines, held on the last day of the 6th KLF. Do movies help in building societies, keeping in mind the heavy

National Youth Parliament of Pakistan Sets the Stage for Year 2014-15

A podium shrouded in ajrak, with ‘It’s time to change your point of view’ written in bold in the backdrop, setting up the stage for the 2014-15 oath taking ceremony for the National Youth Parliament of Pakistan (NYPP). Individuals from various parts of the country attended the function for the current session. NYPP was first held in 2008 to make the youth aware about the political system of their motherland

Merit Denied by Preachers of Integrity

How often do we find ourselves complaining and detesting state run institutions for their malpractice? The on-going ‘Inquilab’ and ‘Azadi’ march is a recent example of the frequently evolving dissent the people of this nation hold against the status quo. Be affirmed the tradition of taking to the streets is nothing out of the ordinary, history validates this is not the first time- and probably not the last. We keep

Karachi University and its Lost Grandeur

In today’s world of commercialized hubs including educational institutes, the culture of the society we live in is majorly a sum of borrowed culture’s be it from the West or our neighbour’s in the East. Lets say a decade or two previously, the idea of water carnivals, beach parties, rang, festivals such as the Spanish ‘la tomatina’ and the like could not have been fathomed of being conducted by educational

Pakistan Under the Crutches of A Vicious Debt Cycle

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister who is considered controversial in the global arena for his authoritarian policies ranging from banning Twitter to allowing females to laugh out loud in public. But what the world is missing out or is kept under the deception is the Turkish state and its development under the same Erdogan who has helped his nation evolve by leaps and bounds. Around 2001, Turkey’s financial

67 Years and the Unresolved Water Crisis

Lord Mountbatten after realizing the dire need of a separate homeland for Muslims and Hindus, declared that power would be transferred from the British to the Indians by June 1947. The escalating tensions post partition did not end just there. Neither have they ended after the three wars, the neighbouring nations have fought within a time frame of 30 years after partition. At the time of partition, the distribution of

Storming the Red Zone Peacefully?

Sounds of desperation are reverberating from Aabpara chowk and beyond to Islamabad creating ripples in the entire nation. First, the demand was simply for the Prime Minister to resign and elections to be conducted again. The public looked forward to the much applauded cricketer cum politician and were eager to march towards the federal capital. The allegations against the current government, to a layman, seem to be fair enough and