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Ranikot – The Largest Fort in the World

You have all heard of the Great Wall of China right? The wall built to protect Ancient Chinese borders. But have you heard of the Great Wall of Sindh or Dewar-e-Sindh? I am sure most Pakistanis haven’t. The Dewar-e-Sindh is known more commonly as the Ranikot fort. Its claim to fame is that it is even today the largest fort in the world! Yes, I did write ‘world’ and no,

Saad Ali – Pakistan’s only Licensed Formula 1 Driver

Whenever Pakistan and Pakistani’s are usually in the news it is generally for something bad that they have done. I for one think these people are not representative of the common man of Pakistan; a person who has aspirations and achievements just like any other and maybe even more. One such person is Saad Ali. A dropout from university, Saad has had a passion for motorsports for years. After quitting

Namira Salim: Pakistan’s First Astronaut and Much More!

Just recently I was reading an article on India’s Mars mission when I noticed this article on the side stating that Pakistan’s first woman in space congratulates India on its successful mission. I was amazed that a Pakistani had made it to space. I was also confused because I had not heard about such an important event. So being the part-time Sherlock Holmes that I am, I clicked on the

India reaches Mars, So What?

By now all of us have heard that India has sent a spacecraft to Mars. Actually the mission actually began on 24th September, 2013 when the spacecraft called Mangalyaan was launched by the Indian Space Organization. Just a few days ago, the Mars Orbiter Mission as it is called was successful and returned back pictures of the red planet’s surface. The Mangalyaan has five instruments that it has taken with

Can We Forget Palestine Now?

So, just a few weeks ago, finally, the latest war in Palestine has ended. 2000+ Palestinian died and less than a hundred Israeli soldiers lost their lives. In the end, both Israel and Hamas claimed victory. Israel because it says it dismantled Hamas’s underground tunnel network and weakened the regime. Hamas because it managed to hold up the fight for so long and killed quite a few Israeli soldiers. During

Lahore Lions – Pakistan’s Champions League 2014 Expedition

In the seventh editions of the Champions League Twenty20, or CLT20 as it is also known, the Lahore Lions made their first appearance for Pakistan. Previously the Sialkot Stallions and the Faisalabad Wolves have tried their hand at this prestigious series. By now everyone is aware that the Lahore Lions did not go all the way and bowed out from the tournament during the group stage, but they are the

Substandard Mobile Phones – A Menace or Relief

The mobile market in Pakistan today is worth billions of rupees. Everywhere you go you see a mobile shop, a mobile accessory shop, or a mobile mall. You have major brands like Apple, Samsung and Nokia available, but you can also easily find local brands such as QMobile and Voice. And if you are one of those looking for a counterfeit phone, well unfortunately those are available as well! These

Journey to the K2 Base Camp!

One of the greatest and most exhilarating treks that one can undertake is the one to the K2 Base Camp and Concordia. The trek has scenery that takes your breath away and dangers that can take your life away, in a deadly second. Yes, this is no walk in the park. It is an extremely arduous and demanding trek, but the journey and sense of achievement upon completing it is

Independent Media – The Downside…

One of the most important things that Musharraf did during his era was giving the media its much needed freedom. One of the reasons I believe this took so long was because, for most of our history, we have been under dictatorial rule and dictators generally do not like people pointing fingers at them or being held to account. The irony however, is that media was given freedom in Pakistan

No, we are not being paid to attend the Dharnas Mr. Sharif!

A few days ago, one of the PML (N) MNA’s categorically said that people are being paid 400-500 PKR to attend the sit-ins organized by PTI and PAT. There was however, no proof for this. I don’t really know about the PAT rally, but it is evident that the people that are there to support PTI are not being paid. Politicians have used this trick for a long time now