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Age of Criminal Responsibility in Pakistan Needs to be Raised to Protect Children from Morally Breaking

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik believes that Pakistani children grow up faster due to the country’s hot climatic conditions and by eating spicy foods. He made such remarks while expressing his views on not raising the age of criminal responsibility. Anyone can vouch for the fact that Rehman Malik is not the right person to evaluate how children grow up. Though spices are an essential component of food ingredients in

Few Simple Points to Keep in Mind for Excellence While Studying at College

College days are that time of life which nobody wants to miss out on. Everyone wishes to make the most out of them in terms of learning, fun and overall experience with friends, teachers and others around. College days are to be spent in most useful manner possible as this time never returns again. Here are few points that a student should keep in mind while trying your best to

Mistakes Made by Each of the Main Characters in the Tragic Drama Serial Humsafar

Humsafar is a tragic story of a married couple who go through ups and downs due to envy of those who pretend to be their own. The weekly drama serial airs from Hum TV and has gotten an unprecedented fan-following of television viewers that has not been seen in recent years for a long time now. Written here are the personal views of this writer and not any official interpretation

Some Video Games are Themed with a Negative Image of Religion

Video games are not only fun to play, but they are also good for a person’s imaginative ability and creative skills. Especially for children, playing video games enhances their ability to think and react as different games cover various plots in which they have to use mental skills. But not all video games are for children and some are even specifically rated as PG or PG-18, which means that they

Lack of Logic in Imposing “Radio Tax”

The Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan has suggested to the Parliament that there should be Rs.2 “Radio Tax” on every reload of a mobile credit card of Rs.100. Essentially, the Radio Tax is suggested to be 2%. The former Federal Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dr. Zaheer-ud-Din Babar Awan has further solidified the news by saying that it will be applicable after the

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s First Oscar Win for Pakistan is not Good for Some Skeptics

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy created a stir when she got nominated in the Best Documentary Short Subject at the 84th Academy Awards for her film Saving Face, which she co-directed with an American filmmaker Daniel Junge. It was an honour in itself to be considered worthy of competing. Not only are the Oscars the highest honour in filmmaking in America, but considered to be so around the world too. Straight after her win, congratulatory

Ali Zafar’s Filmfare Performance Edited Out of the TV Broadcast: Is India Hesitant to Highlight Pakistani Talent?

Recently, the 57th Idea Filmfare Awards were held in Mumbai’s Reliance MediaWorks Studios on January 29, 2012, Sunday, where all of Bollywood’s glamour and glitterati were present to receive and give praise to each other’s work of the past whole year. Invited to the ceremony were major celebrities as it is considered to be the ‘mother of all awards’ in the Indian film industry. To make an impact a lot