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General Raheel Sharif – A Man living up to vision of Allama Iqbal

To begin this article with Iqbal’s quote; Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqder se pehle Khuda bande se ye poche bata teri raza kia hai (Raise thyself to such heights, That God Himself may Ask — What do you wish me to write your fate?) ISPR has made a very comprehensive statement regarding the retirement of Army Chief at the end of his tenure, thus leaving us to witness

Young Pakistanis & Media: A Tale of Psychological Slavery

The cause of Pakistan’s long term sufferance at the hands of ignorant media persons is long debated and analysed. There is absolutely no doubt that the very reason Pakistanis have been subjugated for so long is, other Pakistanis. The thing that is unfortunately yet to be realised is when people turn against their own country under the influence of some twisted attention seeking tactics, they break the very system that

Revival of Film Industry with Obscenity or Substance?

There is a deliberate attempt to destroy the very definition of Art in Pakistan by certain Filmmakers who are mainly concerned with commercial interest and what is more absurd is that they call it a revival of Pakistani Cinema. No disrespect is intended towards the new generation of Pakistani filmmakers who are sincerely giving their best to pull our industry out from the crisis. They are the future and their

Pakistan – The Other Side?

When people ask me what it’s like to live in Pakistan, The only appropriate answer I find worth responding to that it’s the best of times and the worst of times. Well how else can you describe an experience of such polarities as living with drivers and servants while seeing starving children begging in the street? Pakistan has for long lived in between the two extremes where you can always

Name and shame the Afghanistan’s Pakistan policy

Pakistan is blamed for the miseries of Afghanistan ever since its creation and today it has become a fashion for our pseudo intellectuals to bash Pakistan in regard to its Afghan policy without questioning the Afghanistan’s Pakistan misadventures since 1947. While intellectuals and opinion-makers from religious right to secular left are critical of Pakistan’s historical stance on Afghanistan over various issues, there seem to be a total consensus inside Afghanistan