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HAJJ: A Spiritual Journey

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is compulsory on every adult, able bodied Muslim who can afford it, once in his life time. It is an annual pilgrimage constituting many rituals; which are mostly sunnahs of various prophets. As described by many pilgrims Hajj is more than a cluster of rituals, it is a spiritual journey that brings one closer to his creator, explains the essence

ISIS: Most Recruits Are Westerners

ISIS; the new name of terror, raging massacre and havoc in both Syria and Iraq. Most of us don’t know exactly when it erupted and spread all over Iraq. Some western political analysts believe that ISIS is after child of 2003 American- British invasion of Iraq. The present Deputy Prime Minister of UK, a Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg holds the ex-prime minister Tony Blair responsible of the insanity prevailing

Should Imran Khan Follow Gandhi or Jinnah?

Imran Khan doesn’t need any introduction what so ever. He was mentioned as 3rd in a list of nine world leaders by Global Post 2012. Asia Society recorded him as the person of the year 2012. The Phew Research Centre in the same year conducted a survey that showed Khan as the most favored by the youth. We all know about his transformation from an ultra shy Aitchisonian to super

The Hollywood Celebrities on Gaza

The crisis in Gaza started on 8th July and its escalating as I am writing. It is not a hidden fact the democracy in America is not exactly elective it is a rather selective plutocracy. Most of the political decision making is done by the elitist of the classes. But somehow the opinion makers are shifting the gears; ultimately the socio-political decision making will change. Let’s read what the glitterati

The Role Pakistan Could Have Played in Palestine Crisis

For more than a month Gaza has been subjected to the worst massacre ever, Pakistan has not done anything substantial. Although everyone especially women and youth are very active on various social networks. There is not any corporeal demonstration by the citizens of Pakistan. The foreign office gave a formal statement, addressing Tel Aviv to halt its aggression against Palestine and condemning its actions. In past Pakistan has shown more

Travel Restrictions on Pakistanis’

On April 28th 2014 WHO emergency committee met with officials from various countries with polio virus endemic and it came to the conclusion that Pakistan, Syria and Cameroon are causing the spread of wild polio virus strain. The other countries while being affected are not causing the spread. On 5th May Pakistan was slapped with travel restrictions. Mostly children get affected by polio virus while adults are the carriers. The

The US Policy of Indifference About Palestine

According to the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humaniterian Affairs (OCHA) the breakdown of those killed during the recent war on Gaza as last updated on August 6 is, 1030 men (166 militants) women 219, children 414. As for the Israel the death toll is civilians 2 and soldiers 64. The most recent ongoing Palestine-Israel conflicted escalated on 8th July, 2014. It does not qualify to be even called

Polio Plight in PAKISTAN

The recent polio epidemic in Pakistan is not curtailed as yet. As of 2013, polio remains endemic in only three countries, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. India only acquired the status of polio free country three years ago. China eradicated this menace a decade ago, but there was a confirmed outbreak in September, 2011. Since Pakistan shares borders with China, Afghanistan and India; it has proved difficult to confine the transmission

Best Brain Foods For Improving Brain Functionality

It’s not a myth that a healthy brain is the foremost requirement of a healthy body. The food that we take directly affects our brain function. Similarly, cognitive function, clarity, concentration and acuity can be stimulated and acquired by eating the right kind of food. A diet high in saturated fats can cause damage to neurons and intercept acquisition skills. We have compiled a list of some of the best