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Hunza in Photos

Hunza is the picture of quaint charm and breathtaking beauty. Located deep in the beautiful province of Gilgit-Baltistan, the valley is a favorite among holiday-goers, both domestic and international, and for good reason. Below is a selection of pictures of the abundant scenic beauty that characterizes this part of the world. Of perennial snow, mighty peaks and running streams…    

Pakistan and its Natural Wonders

Pakistan is no stranger to the kindness of Mother Nature and hence houses some of the most interesting wonders found in the wild. Below is a list of a few of the fascinating natural wonders features unique to this country. Princess of Hope   Natural forces and influences have resulted in a land formation closely resembling a woman with folded arms, clad in flowing robes. The statue stands tall and

You Know You Attended School in Pakistan When…

Primary school is like the golden period everyone looks fondly back on; of course, all virtue of significant memory loss and the long stretch of time smoothing things over until only the pleasant moments remain. Schools in Pakistan and the enduring memories in our minds aren’t much different. You know you went to school here when… 1. You had a uniform, and it was hideous 2. Group projects were either

Top Bird Watching Locations in Pakistan

Bird watching is a recreational past-time for some and a serious hobby for others. Along with hosting some of these nature enthusiasts, Pakistan also has the perfect locations for their activities. While there are a number of sites perfect for bird-watching both resident and migratory species, some of the more prominent sites are: 1. Kinjhar Lake Wildlife Sanctuary Situated in Thatta District, Sindh. 2. Kirthar National Park Situated in the Kirthar range mountains

The 14 Struggles of Having Guests Over

Hospitality is an extremely important part of Pakistani society and culture, and oh how you wish it weren’t! Every time you’re due to have some guests over, certain struggles ensue to make your antisocial self hate people more, if that’s even possible. Below are just a few of the events that occur when company decides to show up: 1. You’ll try your best to slip out of sight 2. You will invariably

Rafi Peer Cultural Center: An Oasis of Culture

Think of puppets and you assume the puppetry culture in Pakistan is limited either to the days of yore or simple sock creations conceived for the mindless entertainment of the young. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Serving almost as an oasis of culture in an otherwise urban city, the Museum of Puppetry is nestled comfortably in the outskirts of Lahore and offers the rarest glance into the almost

The Historical Forts of Pakistan

Forts have been constructed throughout history, some as a practical measure to subdue rebels or win wars, others as a show of strength of a ruling party or to serve as a more secure and formidable palace for the powerful. Whatever the purpose, forts provide a good view into the past, and also serve as great examples of both architectural ingenuity and ancient aesthetics.  Pakistan is home to some of

The Unsung Superwomen of Pakistan

Pakistan has no dearth of strong female role models yet most of them remain unknown or underrated. These women can teach us a lot about perseverance, spirit and entrepreneurship and each one is an inspiration in her own right and field. Below is a list of some of those unrecognized Pakistani-bred or born women that dared to go above and beyond to make their mark in the world. Namira Salim

Hunza: Heaven on earth

Epic peaks, rushing water and a chill in the sweet mountain air characterize the picturesque valley of Hunza, nestled deep in Gilgit-Baltistan, and engulfed by the great Himalayan and Karakoram ranges. Summers are the ideal time to pay a visit to this valley; it offers a respite from the intense heat prevalent in the rest of the country yet is still warm enough to be pleasantly welcoming. Hunza is a

The Painters of Pakistan

Pakistan has a rich history in art, and the personalities and works of its artists are almost as varied as the mediums they chose to utilize. Below is a list of some of these prominent artists/painters who contributed significantly to the art scene of the country. Ismail Gulgee Ismail Gulgee is a celebrated painter of abstract art who was inspired by calligraphy and hence fully employed the bold undertones of