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16 signs you’re doing Eid right

1. Day off! Read: week off!  2. Your outfit of the day is on point 3. You extract cash for simply existing Seriously, bring out the dough. 4. And some of that dough goes to charity too Time to do good unto the universe! 5. All diet plans go out the window 6. And the menu is limited to the good stuff 7. It’s diabetes galore But does it matter? 8.

You know it’s Ramazan when…

1. You mentally claim half the food on the table And then get mad when someone steals the last of your paneer pakoras. 2. Gluttony you say? But can you really blame me? 3. You also remember to stuff yourself at Sehri And drink enough water to house a couple of fish. 4. While everyone around you is suddenly a dietary expert Magical thirst-preventing yogurt and filling fiber! Should I be writing these

28 Symbols of Pakistan

1. National Flag 2. National Language Urdu. 3. National Leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah. 4. State Emblem 5. State Religion  Islam. 6. National Mausoleum Mazar-e-Quaid. 7. National Sport Field Hockey. 8. National Mosque Faisal Mosque. 9. National Fruit Mango. 10. National Colors White & Green. 11. National Airline PIA. 12. National Currency Pakistani Rupee. 13. National Motto 14. National Vegetable Lady Finger. 15. National Anthem   16. National River  River Indus.

The Desserts of Pakistan

One thing you will never see a Pakistani skimp on is dessert. Sitting at a table with a lavish three/four/five (you can continue the count to infinity and you still won’t be wrong) course meal, you would expect nothing to follow except for maybe a steaming- but tiny- cup of green tea to wash it all down. However, sweets have become- and maybe always were- such an integral part of

The Diverse Flora of Pakistan

Pakistan is home to a diverse range of flora. It also boasts the 5th largest continuous mangrove forest in the world, covering a sprawling 600,000 hectares on the coast of the Arabian Sea, from Karachi to the Indo-Pak border. This is the Indus Delta mangrove area. Around 135,000 people live around this, and most of them fish for a living. This means that the local economy greatly benefits from the

Photos: Truck Art in Pakistan

Truck Art in Pakistan is a brilliant splash of color, calligraphy and humor on the otherwise blank canvas that is the back of a freight vehicle. If there ever was an under-appreciated art form, this is it! The following is a collection of photos categorized according to theme. These best sum up the salient features of Truck Art and provide a quick overview of the phenomenal talent and skill that

Songs that Revive the Spirit of Patriotism

The day we obtained our much fought for independence wasn’t always commemorated through pulling out silencers and participating in car parades in the middle of the night. And it didn’t warrant long marches either. What the 14th of August really did was act as a reminder of the sacrifices that our ancestors had to make and the struggles and hurdles our Quaid had to face so that Pakistan could come

Markhor: Pakistani Products, International Markets

Don’t we all love stories of underdogs who overcome enormous odds, rise up the ranks and make it big? That is exactly what the founders of Markhor did.  They identified an opportunity in a small town of Pakistan, exploited it and presented an awesome product to the world. Previously known as Hometown shoes, Markhor sells products made in Pakistan, around the globe. Markhor is a subsidiary of Hometown Shoes and while the

Going Mangoes for Pakistan

The mention of summer brings up a lot of images for many people. Long lazy sunny days, ubiquitous pool parties, fun beach outings and yearned-for cold treats are some of the most frequent and anticipated. Yet for the common Pakistani, the most familiar association with summers is not really the generally unwelcome sun or the slightly more pleasant activities. It is simply tons and tons of mangoes! These little juicy

Pakistani Truck Art: Truly an Art Form

Every notable country you can think of has a distinctive art form that reminds people the world over of its unique style, heritage or culture. The matadors of Spain, the gondolas of Venice and the minarets of Turkey, all conjure and inspire a vivid image of their place of origin or prominence. Similarly, if I were to name a piece of art that best represents the vitality and vibrancy of