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Top Banks in Pakistan

The banking sector in Pakistan is thriving and has been ever since the introduction of formal banking institutions in the region. There has been a growth in the number of facilities offered by private banks, keeping up with the rapid changes in technology and modes of payment. There has been an increase in branchless banking as well. Most companies now offer mobile and online banking, and credit cards have greatly diminished

Dr. Rizvi: Saving Lives, One Patient at a Time

The people who most need medical attention in Pakistan are usually those who can’t afford to seek it. Kidney related diseases and urinary tract infections are the result of contaminated water and unsanitary living conditions, which means that the poor strata of society are most commonly affected. In stark contrast, the treatments are very expensive and require high-tech facilities and expert handling. The life-long dialysis treatments for one person can

Provisions of the Protection of Pakistan Bill 2014

The potentially controversial Protection of Pakistan Bill 2014 has been passed by the National Assembly and will now be in place for the coming two years. The proposed law allows security forces to enter and search premises without a warrant, and shoot on sight any suspected militants, subject to the permission of an official above grade-15. Zahid Hamid, the Minister for Science and Technology, had moved the bill in the

Pakistani Breakfasts: Fit for a King

Pakistan is one country that seems to have taken the phrase “Breakfast like a King” literally to heart. From urban centers to rural outskirts, privileged families to struggling households, and low-calorie diets to binge, unapologetic indulgence, breakfasts across the country are something to behold. They are a treat for the taste buds, and a feast for many. Whatever the situation, the quantity, quality and variety of the menu are certainly

Top Lawn Brands in Pakistan

The women of Pakistan are well-acquainted with the love and craze of lawn prints come spring and summer. The new collections for these seasons are always widely and eagerly looked forward to each year, and designers work hard to please their ever growing clientele. This time it was no different Below is a list of some of the lawn brands whose Summer collections have been commended in 2014. Sana Safinaz

Crepes, Crepes and More Crepes!

Today we’re going to explore the wonderful world of crepes. Up until a couple years ago, crepes were not very popular in Pakistan. However, you now see them in fancy restaurants and even delivery services. Though crepes originated from France, they are however now enjoyed in all parts of the world. Crepes are essentially a very thin pancake wrap with either sweet or savoury fillings. Tools for Making Crepes If

Mobile Revolution in Pakistan

Mobile Revolution : The Exponential Rise of M-Banking The intensifying struggle midst financial institutions and Mobile Network Operators in Pakistan for mobile banking has transformed the motherland into a simulated workshop for inventions in fiscal facilities that have transformed the country into an arcade worth observing for the globe. The coming years will provide a number of lessons to viewers worldwide with regards to mobile banking. Our motherland has experienced

The Fall of the Pakistani Rupee

In the month of December in 2013, the Forex saw the value of the Pakistani Rupee nosedive to a record low. The exchange rate back then was Rs 111 to the dollar. In the June of this year, the Finance Minister claimed to have managed to increase the value of the Pak Rupee by 11% since the advent of the PML-N government.  The rate at the time of this claim

List of Women in the Contemporary Politics of Pakistan

Pakistani Politics still remains a largely male-dominated arena despite advances towards gender equality in several other spheres of public interest. According to a report by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, as of 1st June 2014, only 20.7% of the seats in Pakistan’s Lower House of Parliament, and 16.3% of those in the Senate are held by women. These too are mainly due to the reservation of seats for females in certain constituencies;

Pakistani Talk Shows – News or Entertainment?

Ever since the advent of independent media, people have come up with a number of ways to utilize the air time and earn some major bucks. Some of these ideas have culminated in the launch of a variety of talk shows. There is a wide range available of these as well. There are shows where they call in political experts for an analysis of current affairs, health specialists to take