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Fatima: A Modern-day Portrayal

Ever wondered how a Pakistani historical figure would fare as a contemporary leader? It seems like the makers of Fatima did, as they bring out a Feature film visualizing the return of the Madr-e-Millat to the political scene of the Country in the year 2012. Driven by a desire to make his debut in Pakistan’s struggling Film Industry with an issue-based film, the Cannes Film Festival Nominee and International Award

Ramazan in Pakistan

Ramadan- or Ramazan, as we like to call it- has always been a grand affair in the Land of the Pure. And it’s bound to be, woven as Islam is through the social fabric of the country; being both the State Religion and a predominant factor in the formation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Even so, the manner of the observance of this Holy month has gone through quite

What’s Patriotism?

Patriotism – Love for one’s country. Do we show it when we stand up for the National Anthem played before the movie starts? Is it about changing your Facebook display picture to the Flag once a year when the Independence Day rolls around? Are you patriotic for picking EP’s Shor Macha over Linkin Park’s Catalyst? Is it why you have resolved to not contribute to the Brain Drain? What about

Reko Diq: A Goldmine of Opportunities or Intrigue?

Pakistan is enviably rich when it comes to mineral resources as it possesses both a wide variety and a plentiful amount of the most sought after goods that mother nature has to offer. Due to the widely varied topography, the country’s assets range from widespread limestone and valuable natural gas resources to barely explored gold and ample coal deposits. Because of their largely untapped potential and high quality, Pakistan’s mineral

Cheating In Exams: Is It Really Worth It?

Cheating – a simple word used in so many contexts. Yet, we most commonly associate it with tests; maybe because that’s a kind of cheating we all are familiar with. And perhaps that’s where other forms stem from: a tiny fist closed around a crib sheet later clutching a wad of cold hard cash. Habits are formed young, after all. We all have had a brief flirtation with cheating at

The Pakistani Education System: Churning out Robots

You probably know what the Pakistani Education System is like already if you remember being forced to write the life story of Allama Iqbal and an essay on “My school”, year after horrible year, from the first grade till graduation. It was always about where the philosopher poet got his “ibtidai taleem” from and how he dreamt of a separate Muslim Homeland.  I don’t know about the rest of you,

Beggary: Last Resort or Profession?

The most thriving businesses are often those which feed off feelings innate in humans. This explains why beggary has grown into such a profitable industry. You might roll your eyes thinking of little copper coins tinkling in a bowl, but really, it’s possible to amass a fortune banking on human sympathy. There can’t be a more demeaning and shameful occupation than beggary. Yet some persist in it, willingly and gladly.

Healing the Nation

Despite being nowhere near achieving the Millennium Development Goals, the Healthcare sector of Pakistan has come a long way from having a negligible existence to one with an appreciable degree of success in improving and advancing public health. Government hospitals in Pakistan are notorious for negligence and poor hygienic conditions but the fact remains that they are equipped with more advanced modern facilities and better qualified doctors than the private

Shedding Load or Piling Miseries?

You know there is something seriously wrong with a country when instead of being horrified at the prospect of 12 hour daily power cuts, the population is grateful it gets any electricity at all. And the announcement of longer hours load shedding isn’t considered all that bothersome. At least it’s “scheduled” for a change. If you are one of those unfortunate people who, besides living in Pakistan in the summer,

Balochistan: The Hidden Gem

Pakistan is the land of the pure and Balochistan, the pristine. The landscape of Balochistan is quite a drastic change for those accustomed to the mellow feel of orchards and meadows. With all its rugged charm and cruel beauty, the largest province in Pakistan appeals to a different sense altogether. Its splendor lies in contrast and coexisting; and that is most evident in the oasis nestled in the midst of