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Shedding Load or Piling Miseries?

You know there is something seriously wrong with a country when instead of being horrified at the prospect of 12 hour daily power cuts, the population is grateful it gets any electricity at all. And the announcement of longer hours load shedding isn’t considered all that bothersome. At least it’s “scheduled” for a change. If you are one of those unfortunate people who, besides living in Pakistan in the summer,

Balochistan: The Hidden Gem

Pakistan is the land of the pure and Balochistan, the pristine. The landscape of Balochistan is quite a drastic change for those accustomed to the mellow feel of orchards and meadows. With all its rugged charm and cruel beauty, the largest province in Pakistan appeals to a different sense altogether. Its splendor lies in contrast and coexisting; and that is most evident in the oasis nestled in the midst of