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Pakistani Art Adorns New Coldplay Video!

Before I go any further, I know there are people out there who are diehard fans of Coldplay and then there are those that are not so fond of their music. I respect both views which is why this post is not about their music, it’s about promoting our local talent! Let me explain… Just a few days ago Coldplay, the British band, released a video for their new single

European Refugee Crisis? What About the Afghan refugees?

There are two things which you can see the international media going crazy about these days: Russian meddling in Syria and… The European refugee crisis Oh! Three if you consider Donald Trump significant enough to put him on any list. Although the Russian support for Assad is big news I would like to talk about the other big “problem” that the west is facing, which is the Refugee crisis. As

Khem Singh Bedi’s Haveli – Pakistan’s Hidden Treasure

We all know that Pakistan is full of archeological and scenic treasures. From the heavenly beauty of the north to the exotic history in Sindh, Pakistan has it all. With K2, Shangrila, Ansoo Lake, and other natural beauties in the north, and Mohonjedaro and Thatta in the south, there is something for everyone. However, there is one place that is not very well known to foreigners and Pakistanis alike, a

Major Hajj Disasters Over the Years

This year’s Hajj has seen one of the worst tragedies to ever hit the annual congregation that we Muslims make. First, there was the crane incident, where a construction crane collapsed on praying Muslims in the Grand mosque itself, killing around a 100 people and injuring many more. Then there was the horrendous stampede at Mina, just meters away from the Jamarat, where pilgrims throw stones in remembrance of Prophet

Why are we getting disconnected in a connected world?

We are able to get connected to people in any part of the world in a matter of seconds. Yet, it seems that the same power of connectivity is making us drift apart from the people near us.  We are so busy creating online relationships that we actually neglect the people next to us.  How did we move from having vibrant physical relationships to on-screen engagements? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary,

My Rights, Your Rights…What about Our Responsibilities?

How often do we hear about individuals, groups, organizations, political & religious parties etc. protesting or raising a fuss about their rights?  Quite often, don’t we?  These claims range from completely legitimate to entirely ridiculous. One thing seems to be certain that most of the Pakistanis don’t know what their rights really are but most importantly, almost no one speaks about our responsibilities as a Pakistani citizen when there is

Brahumdagh Warming up to Talks

“If our friends, companions, political allies and finally the people are in favour of this, then we are definitely ready to live with Pakistan. We want to resolve all issues politically and peacefully. We are ready to meet him as we want a political solution to the problem.” These are the statements made recently by Brahumdagh Bugti. Brahumdagh Bugti, the leader of the Baloch Republican Party. A person who has

Raheel Sharif – a Silent Guardian, a Watchful Protector

… a hero. Not the one we deserved, but the one we needed. Nothing less than a knight, shining…. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight. Yes, you guessed right. These are the closing dialogues of Batman: The Dark Knight. And no, this is not a post about how that is the best action movie ever. This is a blog about our Chief of Army Staff, Mr.

Tajdar-e-Haram, Atif vs. Sabri… And the winner is…

Coke studio 8 is garnering rave reviews and – as is the norm – lighting up some controversies on the way. The two most notable being the Tajdar-e-haram, old vs. new debate; and the Umair Jaiswal’s rock star moves. Today I am going to pen down my two cents on the Tajdar-e-haram debate. A lot has already been said on this already with people comparing the Sabri brothers 70’s version