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Ramadan Dukaan

Alhamdullillah, Ramadan is here again! The “Shalwar Kameez” and ‘Topi’ are out, the masajid are full, you can smell pakora’s everywhere in the evening and every single person knows the time for Fajr and Maghrib prayers… down to the EXACT second! Yes, Alhamdullillah, Ramadan is here again! But is it the same Ramadan that we are used to? Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t Ramadan feel bigger, shinier

What Was The Malik Riaz Saga All About?

In the ever-expanding scandal-ridden landscape of Pakistan my favorite one yet is the Malik Riaz saga! It’s really an amazing tale of “idiocy” on the part of the players and ineptness on the part of the system. How it all Began… The story begins one fine day with a certain Mr. Malik Riaz – a high profile real estate tycoon – giving a statement that he bribed the Chief Justice’s

Pakistan’s Tour of Sri Lanka – Another Failed Expedition?

Although the final result of the Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka series was not very favorable, considering Pakistan didn’t win a series in any of the format (Sri Lanka won Test series 1-0, ODI 3-1 and 2-match Twenty20 series drawn 1-1), I believe there were still quite a few positives that this series has presented to us and it was not a total loss. I’m not saying that mistakes weren’t made;

What Does the New Budget Hold for ME?

Everybody knows that Pakistan has had an acute energy crisis for the past four years. All we get are tall claims and no results at all. And – not surprisingly – the budget doesn’t address this area as it should have! Growth has been persistently low. This coupled with the ever-increasing youth population of the country is taking the unemployment problem to a whole new level (not to mention the

Pakistani Journalists, “Mediagate” and Treason

I believe it was the early 2000’s when we first heard of free media in Pakistan. The credit went to the then President, Mr. Musharraf who liberalized the industry. Ironically the same media played a humungous role in his own down fall. Back then there was a kind of jubilation and everybody felt very lucky. Pakistanis now had a new and very potent platform to express their views and project

Pakistan – Gearing up for the London Olympics 2012

It’s almost time for the London Olympics to begin people and it’s going to heat up the summer even more this time around! Although it’s no secret that Pakistan is not going to be a front runner in the final medals tally but we may just have a secret weapon up our sleeve… Hockey! Yup, I don’t know if you know or not but Pakistan has won a total of

The Man, Sohail Abbas

I’m sure you guys are all aware that hockey is Pakistan’s national game. With all the importance and time given to cricket one might be fooled into thinking otherwise, but it is hockey. And when we talk about hockey in Pakistan we can’t help but mention Sohail Abbas. What makes Sohail so Great? Sohail Abbas is a living – and in fact playing – legend of Pakistan hockey. Although he

The Top 5 Pakistani Batsmen of All Time

I’m sure you’ll all agree that in Pakistan it’s difficult enough to even comment on a comment on an article about cricket, let alone compiling a list of cricket’s top 5’s or 10’s. But here I am doing just that. Why? because I love living on the wild side!! :D Before I move on, let me clarify one thing: this list is in no particular order. Just as the cricket

Pakistan Scam Diaries: Episode 1 – The NICL Scandal

Scams and frauds worth billions of rupees by our leaders have become extremely common now days. Whereever you go, which ever channel you turn to there is mention of one scam or another. From the hudaibiya paper mill to NICL to the Hajj scam to the ephedrine drug scam, we have a whole portfolio of scams that can dwarf any insider trading yields or Ponzi schemes of the west. And

Nice Going Mr. CJP – When do the Other Criminals Get Out Then?

As you all know – or should know – by now, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has found our beloved Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, guilty for contempt of court because he did not send a letter to the Swiss authorities to reopen the corruption cases against our, even more beloved, President Asif Ali Zardari. Everybody knew it was coming of course. However what everybody was hoping for was an