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Breaking News: More Bull$#@^ !

“I think these news channels earn a lot more showing these -ve news items 24/7 ….surely there are good things about the country too. …. bloody idiots are leading the population to extreme frustration and depression i think .” Wait! Before you start bashing me with your hate comments, these are not my words. This is a status update my friend put up a couple of days ago. The two

We Want You Back Mohammad Aamer!

Did you know that Mohammad Aamer has previously indicated that he has no intention to challenge the 5 year ban imposed on him by the International Cricket Council? Why I ask, why? (*sniff, sniff*) Everyone knows the Cinderella story of Muhammad Aamer: a young boy from a remote village of Pakistan shakes up the international world of cricket by his magnificent bowling. He is the youngest bowler to have taken

Pakistan Fast Bowlers – Second Fiddle

It was bright sunny day in Sharjah, I was about 10 years old (if memory serves me right) and my family and I had gone to see an India-Pakistan encounter at the Sharjah Stadium. I still remember that day vividly; Wasim and Waqar beginning the Pakistani attack, cheers all around backing their every ball. It was beautiful! Those were the days when our fast bowlers were the envy of all

Liberal Extremism

Long beard, shalwar kameez (shalwar above ankles), black abaya, an ‘astaghfar!’ here, a ‘tauba tauba!’ there. What comes to your mind? EXTREMIST TALIBANI people, who disrespect women, keep them locked up like cattle, explode at opportune moments and are so conservative that they’ll soon categorize the iPhone as haram! Right? Well I’m not going into that debate today. Instead, let me throw some more words at you and see what

The PTI Tsunami – Good, Bad or Ugly?

Before I start on this topic, I would like to make it clear that I admire Imran Khan and believe that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is the party to look out for in the next elections. I also believe that it is the only party that might actually be able to bring about some real, desirable change. Will my predictions come true? We’ll have to wait and see. Now that that’s out

Tuk Tuk vs. Boom Boom

We’ve all known about Boom Boom for some time now, but the new sound coming out of the Pakistani camp and Pakistan is Tuk Tuk! I’m sure you get where I’m coming from. For those readers who just got back from Mars, Tuk Tuk and Boom Boom are expressions that tell you about the batting style of a person (umm… in a sport called cricket!). Usually used by Pakistani’s for describing

Baloch, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pathan, Mohajir definitely! Pakistani…Maybe

The curious case of ethnicity in Pakistan has been touched upon many times before. Initially, I believe it was about identifying each other (for ease of stereotyping) but now it has gotten completely out of control. People identify themselves more with their ethnicity than with Pakistan. When Ethnicity is Taken to Extremes Ethnicity was the main culprit that led to the division of Pakistan in 1971 and today everyone’s talking

What More? What More? Dav Whatmore!

On the 4th of March, 2012 the PCB selected Dav Whatmore to replace Mohsin Khan as the head coach of the Pakistan Cricket team. Yup, he’s the same guy that coached the Lankan Lions to victory in the 1996 world cup. Although a lot of people are aware that Dav is Australian and has represented Australian cricket in the international arena, what some people might not know is that he’s