The new model of Honda Civic 2016 was recently unveiled and there was plenty of buzz around it. The reason of the hype was the brand new design and heaps of internal improvements. However, the feedback from the general public is not satisfying as many customers have reservations about the build quality of the car. It has been reported that new Honda Civic 2016 is launched with some serious flaws.

A lot of people who were earlier excited are now disappointed after getting hold of the car. Number of customers have shared the pictures of their brand new cars on Facebook and other social media platforms. They have greatly criticized the flawed build of the car.

Moreover, they also questioned the integrity of the manufacturers asking whether they followed or dodged all quality assurance standards. Most of them were of the view that the car was launched in a hurry to make the car available at the unveiling ceremony.

If the pictures shared on the internet are to be believed then it can be safely said that the build used in the cars is of worst quality. It is baffling to see a brand new car with such defects.

Pictures shared on the internet

In the following pictures, you will be able to see welds and non-metallic paint of a slightly different shade. Furthermore, you will also get to see misalignment of the body parts like the bumper. Do you think the Honda Civic 2016 went through QA before being shipped to customers?

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Did Honda get carried away?

Plenty of months were spent in preparing these cars. However, the question is how come they didn’t have enough time to adequately weld and paint the car parts?

The latest version of Honda Civic 2016 is much more expensive than the previous editions. The price of the car was nearly around PKR 3 million. Had it been a low-priced car, things would have been understandable. But when civic gets compared with an international model then the standard should have been pretty high. Additionally, the cost of car is 30-40% higher as compared to the international market yet the customers got substandard Honda Civic.

Honda has produced these variants of new civic in a haste. If they were unable to produce the cars in time then they should have imported the first batch like they have done in the past. What do you think about it?

Image credits: Facebook1, Facebook2 / Source: Pakwheels