The craze for bikes, especially in Pakistan, is majorly found among the youth. There is some good news for bike lovers as Italian motorcycle, Benelli and a Hungary motorcycle, Keeway, have been launched in Pakistan.

In an event that was held in Lahore at Faletti’s Hotel, Buraq Automobile brought the smile on the faces of all the bike lovers in Pakistan and ended the teasing phase by officially launching 2 brands, Benelli and Keeway. Both these brands are owned and operated by Chinese Qianjiang Motors.

After hearing about this great news, Pakistanis were over the moon especially the youth. Since not too many world class brands are operating in Pakistan especially when you are looking for a branded motorcycle in the country, the reaction was quite certain and expected after the launch of 2 prominent brands, Benelli and Keeway.


keeway 1

Benelli is one of the oldest Italian motorcycle manufacturers in the world. The brand is being operated since 1911 and has since proved themselves as the vital contributor in various fields including automobile. At the launch ceremony in Lahore, Benelli in collaboration with Buraq Automobile unveiled TNT 25 for the Pakistani market.

keeway 4

Key Features of Benelli TNT 25:

• 250cc water cooled EFI engine
• Single cylinder, 4 stroke engine
• Max. Output 28.16HP (Rated Output 25.5)
• 280mm Front and Rear Disk Break
• 4 Pistons Caliper
• 240mm Rare Disk Break
• Double Pistons Caliper
• 17 Liter Fuel Tank
• 30 – 35 KM/LTR
• 6-speed transmission
• Electronic ignition

keeway 2

Benelli TNT 25 is available in two colors in Pakistan; black and red. Benelli will be sold at a touch higher price of Rs. 455,000/- in Pakistan.


With its presence in over 80 countries, Keeway is a Hungarian brand that came into existence in 1999. 15 years later, Keeway became a leading multinational motorcycle brand. Keeway launched RKS150sport (CG) and RKS150sport (GS) in Pakistan at the launch ceremony in Lahore.

keeway 5

Key Features of Keeway RKS150sport:

• 150cc Benelli Technology air cooled engine (GS)
• Single cylinder, 4 stroke engine
• Max. Output 13HP (Rated Output 12)
• 230mm Front Disk Break
• Flower cut design
• 60mm Rare suspension
• Mono Shock (Adjustable)
• 16 Liter Fuel Tank
• 35 – 40 KM/LTR
• 5 speed transmission
• Electric and kick start option

Both models of Keeway are available in three colors; black, red and blue. CG variant is priced at Rs. 189,000/- while RKS150sport (GC) will be sold at Rs. 199,000/- in Pakistan.