Impressive features, drastic changes and a revamped shape are just a few words to describe the much anticipated model of new Honda Civic 2016. Although Honda enthusiasts are all praises about the 10th generation Civic X but some of them have shed some light on a few drawbacks as well.

Although the company tried to keep it very hush hush but some lucky ones attended the private event of the launch and revealed significant information about the new model which became public; all hails to social media!

Those who are anxiously waiting for the official launch can take a sigh of relief as some unofficial sources have revealed a few unorthodox features in this model. The new beauty will be available in two variants; the first one is called Oriel with R18 1.8L engine while the other fascinating model is called 1.5L Turbo i.e. Turbocharged. The former 1.8Litre I-VTEC produces 141 HP @ 6,500 RPM with torque figures of 174 Nm @ 4,300 RPM while the latter Turbo produce 173 HP @ 5,500 RPM with torque figures of 220 NM from 1,700 to 5,500 RPM.

Surprising element is that there will be no manual transmission in both models but its value added features are enough to offset this factor. Other than climate control and cruise control units both models will be equipped with front and passenger air bags.

Emphasis has been placed on two core safety features which makes Civic X stand out from the clutter; one is Vehicle Stability Assist [VSA] and the other is HSA [Hill Start Assist]. VSA claims to stabilize the car on sudden turns and maintain grip on slippery surfaces. HSA being a ground breaking feature will facilitate the driver who is in a fix while parking on a slope as the car descends but this feature will prevent any such mishap.

The conventional hand brake option has been intelligently replaced with Electronic Parking brake with Auto Brake Hold (ABH). This will make life easy for the driver in a slow moving traffic as he/she just has to press a button and the rear wheel will get locked. While standard options such as Smart key access and Push button start will also remain intact.

According to sources, there is a possibility of dual video screens on the headrests for rear passengers but this auspicious feature would be heavy on the pockets for entertainment lovers since its an optional item. Some standard features include air Conditioning/ heating ducts, sunroofs and fog lamps. Coming to the exterior, it is expected to be available in colors of Red, Blue, Black, White and shade of silver. Although the official price tag hasn’t been disclosed but predictions are hovering around Rs. 2.8 Million for 1.5T and Rs. 2.6 Million for 1.8 Oriel.

A few spoilers which are making this local version lag behind from the international counterparts are absence of LED headlights and the digital TFT color cluster on both models which give critics some meat to talk about.

Its a saying that any innovation takes some time to kick in till people develop a comfort zone around it. For Honda lovers it seems like a local version of an international dream car; for haters it’s not that impressive! We foresee this model to hit Pakistani roads very soon and its new unconventional shape might create a wow affect for its customers.

Whichever side you pick we are waiting for your comments.

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