Do you wish you could make money online? Do you like to write? If both of those things sound like you, you might be a good candidate for making money online through blogging. So from one professional blogger to aspiring professional bloggers, I’d like to give you a little bit of background about how bloggers actually make their money.

Let’s start by looking at two common misconceptions about making money as a blogger.

Is it “Easy” to Make Money Blogging?


There are two myths you’ll frequently hear about blogging — both that it’s very easy to make decent money as a blogger (as in anyone can do it) and that it’s almost impossible to make good money blogging. The reality is somewhere in between.

Not everyone can successfully make money online as a blogger. You have to be in it for the long term in most cases because it isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. But it isn’t exactly difficult either. You just have to have the dedication and the ability to effectively market your blog and build an audience — a vital step in making money as a blogger.

5 Ways to Make Money Online as a Blogger


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Here are five basic ways that you can make money online by blogging. You can choose just one option that appeals to you, or you can mix them up and diversify your earnings with several money-making methods.

  1. Blog for other people. — Not all bloggers are interested in launching their own blogs. That involves dealing with things like hosting, administrative work, design work, and marketing. If you just want to stick to the writing, you can make money online by writing for existing blogs. You can find these gigs through job boards, your network, or by reaching out to blog owners directly to offer your services.
  2. Make money through advertising networks. — One of the earliest ways people made money blogging was by joining advertising networks (like Google’s Adsense). Basically you sign up for a network which has a large group of advertisers on board. You place their code on your site and they display the ads they’re hosting for their advertiser clients. You get paid per click, per action, per 1000 pageviews, or in other ways (so check with each network first to see which kind would be best for a blog like yours).
  3. Make money with private sponsorships. — Similar to working with ad networks, you could also cut out the middle man and build relationships with advertisers directly. They might buy links in your sidebar, banner ads, or sponsor your site in other ways (such as sharing content). You get paid for the relationship and bring their cause to your audience.
  4. Make money blogging with affiliate programs. — Affiliate programs give you another way to make money with advertisements on your blog. In this case you can hand-pick individual products or companies to promote as an affiliate. Basically, you promote something with a link and you’re paid per lead, per sale, per signup, or something else along those lines. For example, an e-book affiliate program might give you 50% of the e-book sale price whenever someone purchases after clicking your affiliate link.
  5. Make money selling your own products or services through your blog. — One of the best ways to make money online through your blog is also one of the most time-consuming. Rather than promoting someone else’s product as an affiliate, you would create your own instead and then sell it to your blog’s readership. This works for both products and services. It could be anything from writing an e-book to releasing a piece of software to offering paid webinars or e-courses through your blog. You could even set up your own affiliate program and get others to help you sell through their own sites and blogs to increase your income even more.


So there you have it! There are five common ways you can make money online as a blogger. Just remember that significant income won’t come for most bloggers overnight (the fastest way to make money blogging is usually blogging for others). But for those who stick with it, find ways to reach a broad audience, and diversify their blog income so they don’t lose it all if one income stream falls through, making money as a blogger is absolutely achievable.