Although much has been talked about the decade long alliance between the two neighboring countries I.e. Pakistan and China but their bond has strengthened further after the recent visit of Chinese president and primarily China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). These agreements have opened many doors for the two nations to grow economically and also expand their trade opportunities. Both offer tremendous opportunities which can work wonders for each country collaboratively.

In their recent visit to Pakistan to Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a Chinese delegation showed their inclination to invest in the Steel, energy and cement sectors of the country. It was indicated that they are not only interested in independent investments but also looking for some strong joint ventures with local organizations.

This delegation comprised of two entities from China; Zonergy Company Limited and Hebei Weilang Import and Export Group Co., Limited. Zonergy Company Limited is China public high tech company which offers resource integration services in new energy and energy saving along with environmental protection industries.

Another organization, Hebei Weilang Import and Export Group, is primarily from the manufacturing industry as it manufactures bicycles. This group is a giant exporter of more than 100 types of product categories in 10 major types with some of them including BMXs, frames, forks, BB axles, front and rear axles, brake cables and baskets. This organization is already dealing with many foreign customers spanning from US to Europe, Middle, Africa, Australia and many South Asian economies. With many lucrative opportunities, this business is preparing to establish its manufacturing plant in Pakistan as by capitalizing on its low cost of production and reap the benefits of economies of scale.

It would not be an exaggeration to comment that CPEC has brought Pakistan on the investment radars of many organizations round the globe specially Chinese investors. This collaboration has surprisingly made our country a safe haven for foreign investors to park their kitties and expect good rate of return at a relatively low cost. CPEC is now considered a key player in the relations between the two countries.

Sheikh Pervaiz, Acting President ICCI, while stressing the significance of CPEC highlighted that there is a massive potential for investment in almost every key sector of Pakistan as there is under utilization of resources and talent in our country.

He addressed that there are many untapped sectors which offer enormous investment opportunities such as construction, steel, energy, marble, infrastructure development, oil ans gas, engineering, IT and many others. CPEC being a flagship project provides a great platform for investors from both sides since anything which comes under this umbrella would reap the benefits of mutual incentives.

There are many reasons why this relationship can work with great swing with China offering expertise and advanced technology while Pakistan providing investor friendly policies along with good return on investments. Conclusively, this is perhaps the best time for Chinese investors to yield the fruits of relaxed policy regimes from Pakistan and for the latter for open its doors to boost economic activity and enhance job creation simultaneously.