If you can see, hear, smell, taste and have tactile sense, then you have a lot to be thankful for. If you have all of your limbs working properly, you have a lot to be grateful for. If you can clothe yourself, eat healthily and live under a roof of your own house, you have a lot to be gratified with. If you have had an opportunity of getting an education, you have a lot to be hopeful for.

If you have had all of that, and yet you are not considering yourself to be amongst the lucky few in this world, then you need a serious revision of how people live and die in this world. Regardless of what your social and financial status be, you are amongst the very few who can do all of the above mentioned things, because you have a computer and an internet access. In today’s world of modern media, internet accessing has been declared as a basic human right. And yet, dreaming about having an internet access is far down the list than dreaming about having to get another meal, quenching thirst from clean water, having a shelter from sun and weather, being clothed and having shoes.

There are so many statistics that are still lacking to indicate what needs to be done, primarily because no surveys are conducted and no one reaches out to help those in desperate need. In country like Pakistan, the government gives conservative estimates about how much poverty is there. A lot of people come out in the spirit of generosity and philanthropic measures are undertaken by those who can afford a better facility or luxury. But as the Chinese proverb goes, don’t catch a fish and give it to a man to eat, but rather teach him how to catch a fish so that next time he is able to feed himself.

In the world of economic driven by education and intellectual abilities, it is important, that not only the bodies are fed, but the spirits and minds are fed too, with not just healthy food, but good moral and intellectual food for soul and mind. There is corruption at many levels, including in hearts and minds, which become the first breeding grounds of seeds of wrongful and unlawful deeds. If everyone’s energies are utilized the world will surely be a peaceful place to co-exist. It is a shame to waste so many billions of lives, when poor kids die of hunger or malnutrition, when men die out of hard labour being not given proper wages and when women die of having to work extra hard to see their families together.

More than half of the world lives in darkness, not because they are incapable of improving their lives, but because the other half does not give them a chance at improving their own lives. Global Rich List is a site that is a little reminder of how much you can be thankful for. All you have to do, is to enter your annual income in any of the given standard currencies and click on the button “Show me the money!”. It will generate your rich list position. It will tell in what percentage you fall into and will show your rank in the form tiny 100 human figures and your position would be reddened.

You will also get to know such facts as:

  • $8 could buy you 15 organic apples OR 25 fruit trees for farmers in Honduras to grow and sell fruit at their local market.
  • $30 could buy you an ER DVD Boxset OR a First Aid kit for a village in Haiti.
  • $73 could buy you a new mobile phone OR a new mobile health clinic to care for AIDS orphans in Uganda.
  • $2400 could buy you a second generation High Definition TV OR schooling for an entire generation of school children in an Angolan village.

The site is basically a reminder of how you can share your wealth generously and be thankful for what you have and give hope for a life worth living for others. Your duty is not to share all that you have, but surely something from all that you have. That something will mean everything to somebody. Start charity from your own neigbourhood and community and begin your own social activism based on actions and not just words.