The cultural heritage of Pakistan is a rich and notable one especially in the area of the arts. From the rich history of the Mughal-era paintings and other modern forms of art, creativity continues to blossom in the country. There are far more artists than galleries and those with a true passion for art have created stunning environments to view the artistic beauty provided by Pakistani’s.


  • Chawkandi Art: Successfully present in the bustling city of Karachi for the past 25 years, Chawkandi Art gallery is one of the most respected and notable galleries in the country. Located in Clifton, they regularly have exhibitions of well known and upcoming artists who display work in all different mediums including paintings, sculptures and ceramics.
  • Koel Gallery and Cafe: Koel Gallery has to be one of the most well rounded art galleries in the country by way of exhibitions, environment and even food! The founders of this gallery were one of the first to realize that visitors would enjoy sitting in the exotic greenery while enjoying some light snacks and appreciating the artwork.
  • Faraar at T2F: Once again, indulging in a combination of food and art, Faraar Gallery is housed within T2F, a well known coffee hangout in Karachi. One of the unique aspects of this gallery is that it is run by PeaceNiche, a non-profit organization which is committed to developing civil society in the country. Faraar supports visual arts and new media for graphic designers, photographers and artists.


  • Khaas Art Gallery and Café: Located at the foot of Margala Hills with a very warm and inviting ambiance, this gallery and café is a popular spot for both local and foreign visitors. The gallery not only supports the work of traditional artists, but is also a regular gathering place for architects, poets, writers and others who contribute to the artistic culture of the country. Khaas Art Gallery also has a reserved working space for professionals, students and volunteers who preserve and document the culture of the country.
  • National Art Gallery: This gallery has the honor of being the country’s first national art gallery. Located opposite the Parliament of Pakistan, the structure of the gallery was intended to be imposing and awe-inspiring. The building has a total of 14 galleries along with lecture halls, workshops, storage facilities, labs, library, auditorium, and an open air theatre.
  • Tanzara Gallery: In the well known F7 sector of Islamabad, Tanzara Gallery has a clean cut interior which allows visitors to give complete focus to the displayed artwork. The gallery insists on the highest standards and quality from the artists to ensure that the absolute best art is promoted in Pakistan. For serious art enthusiasts this gallery is a must visit.


  • Vogue Art Gallery: With its main location in the heart of the cultural capital of the country, Vogue Art Gallery dedicates itself to promoting conventional and modern art forms. They are one of the few art galleries to maintain an up to date and reliable online gallery as well. They also offer unique services such as free evaluation of art and reselling art for the average art enthusiast.
  • Ejaz Galleries: The founder of Ejaz Galleries started his life in the art world by opening a once very small framing store by the name of Framer. With galleries and stores in multiple cities across the country, Ejaz Galleries are now one of the most recognized art promoters in the country. The aim of this establishment is to enhance the aesthetic and intellectual views of visitors.
  • Zahoor ul Akhlaq Gallery: This gallery is housed in one of the most reputable art colleges in the country with original skylights and other architectural features. The gallery aims to build its own private collection while displaying the works of all different types of artists in the country. The gallery serves a dual purpose of providing artwork to the public along with educating students of NCA by experiencing the work of artists in the real world.