Stingers! Remember that mind blowing dramatic teaser of Sting released back in August 2015 featuring the illustrious king of the ring, Amir Khan which garnered attention from tons of the megastar’s fans and the social media. Yes, you are right it all started when manufacturers of Pakistan’s premium energy drink ignited excitement among enthusiastic devotees of the star of the boxing profession and roped the great boxing Khan back to the country. The star collaborated with the brand to promote boxing in Pakistan.

He who needs no introduction other than that he’s British born Pakistani boxer. In sting’s recent challenges, all of the globally renowned fans of the game and the master Khan had dared him a set of challenges through social media fanpages. The youngest Olympic medallist through a range of tough activities, from power punching to determine his spryness to rope skipping challenge showing off his endurance and stamina, met all his fan expectations with all his glory intact. But now the Boxer Khan together with Sting, the drink which gives “Taste & Energy Ka Zabardast Jhatka” to the drinkers, wants to turn around the tables by challenging all his fans. Thankfully, as the icon admires his fans they won’t have to skip a rope 420 times but the champion sportsman wants them to bring in Sting’s Limited edition Amir Khan themed bottles and get rewarded with a prize that will blow you away. As there will be massive availability of such themed bottles, Khan upped the contest by introducing a mega bumper prize; an Amir Khan exclusively signed pair of gloves which would be taken home by the lucky stinger!

The greatest khan of the Olympic boxing world has also filmed a video for this Sting challenge campaign as well

Watch Amir Khan sign the gloves:

Get A Chance To Win Amir Khan's Signed Gloves – #StingChallenge

Here it is, Stingers! The #StingChallenge you’ve all been waiting for! Here’s your chance to win a pair of gloves signed by King Amir Khan, himself! Take a look at the video for more details and may the best Stinger win!

Posted by Sting Energy Drink on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sting and Amir Khan, #StingChallenge:

Brand new style. Same old Jhatzzzka. Are you ready to take on the King of Sting? Grab your bottle before they run out and take on the #StingChallenge today!

Posted by Sting Energy Drink on Thursday, January 14, 2016

So all those real Stinger’s who wants to participate will have to share their exciting experience of how they got their hands on their limited edition bottle along with alluring selfies taken with the brand. They will also have to guide their followers in a brief note for ways they can try to get their limited edition themed bottle and win the prized gloves.

Though sting will not let any of the participants go bare handed, but if you really want to be that one special Stinger who deserves to grab those pair of gloves, you will need to  come up with ideas that makes you stand out from the thousand others.

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Sting Energy Drink.