Perhaps the revival of Pakistani Cinema has caught the eye of not only local investors and entrepreneurs but has also created some uproar in the neighboring countries as well. China, being popular for its huge potential in the consumer market has also opened doors for the entertainment industry where Chinese Filmmakers are looking to set up alliances with their Pakistani counterparts.

There has been substantial injection of money in Pakistani Film industry recently which is offering some good returns on investment. Their interest in Pakistani cinema is evident from the visit of a seasoned Chinese film director, Cao Guiqian to Pakistan. She expressed her views of looking for some major joint ventures with Pakistani filmmakers in order to mutually understand each others’ culture through the medium of films.

While talking to media, she mentioned that the strong bond between the countries should not be restricted to just economy and trade as other industries also offer great potential. There is a great desire for people to people contact which is only possible if we diversify to other areas of business. Entering into mutual projects in films and drama making is one avenue through which we can achieve this goal.

Both countries have enormous talent which can be utilized if we consider joint film making ventures. This will enable us to pool our talent and resources and earn great returns simultaneously.

She expressed her views by stating:

“I do look forward to an opportunity to work with competent professionals from Pakistan. Moreover, performers and technicians with different nationalities working together is again a growing trend to bring people closer to each other”

However, such mega projects will only become reality if concerned departments from the two countries provide the right platform and facilitate us in terms substantial projects.

The veteran director has more than two decades of experience in the field of film making along with being an accomplished Opera performer for many years. She is also famous for making music videos. She began her career from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and then shifted to Beijing Film Academy in order to expand her horizons further.

Guiqian was very confident that any Sino-Pak film making project could offer great success potential as it will enhance the healthy relations between the two friendly neighbors.

Entertainment industry has emerged as not only a medium for making money but has also emerged as a major foundation in providing a great healthy medium of recreation for people.