Coke Studio is not just another musical platform in Pakistan. The music venture began in 2008 and under the backing of Coca Cola. It has tremendous following within the country and even across the border in India. Ahead of their 9th season, Coke Studio is partnered with Deaf Reach program to create history.

The new initiative is titled ‘Coke Studio for the deaf.’ The makers are trying to reach out to the 9 million Pakistanis who are either deaf or suffering from some hearing impairment. Advanced technologies are being employed to create an environment for the deaf community. It will allow them to feel what it actually is like to hear music. The deaf community will experience the music through lights and vibrations.

Coca Cola brand manager, Ibrahim Khan stated:

“Coke Studio reaches millions around the world, but not the 9 million people hearing-impaired people in Pakistan. We wanted to bring a small change in that regard”

Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia of Strings said:

“As producers it becomes our responsibility to reach out to the whole of Pakistan. Coke Studio is created to blur all boundaries through music”

Music is a feeling that everyone should experience. The initiative pretends a musical experience for some members of the hearing-impaired community. You need to have a crack at the following video to believe:

The aforementioned video has gone viral on internet. It indicates the level of excitement among the deaf community for the music. Moreover, it also speaks volume of what the general people think about music in Pakistan.

Proper set-up was engineered for its execution

A proper set-up was constructed and engineered for the execution of music to provide melody experience to the deaf community. Furthermore, the lights and vibrations were used to provide physical and visual effects to those who were seated.

Moreover, psychological effects were created as the person feels audio-synced mood changes rendered by a truly rhythmic experience. The understanding was a lot more realistic with visual experience amplified by a large screen.

On the other hand, China was the first country to introduce this system. Thailand adopted this setup later. A group of 8 students and a faculty of the Deaf Reach School went to Bangkok for its testing. The setup is expected to be in Pakistan very soon.

The founder of the Deaf Reach, Richard Geary termed it as a significant milestone. He stated:

“Our collaboration with Coke Studio reflects our approach towards opening new experiences for the deaf community. Not just because we got to see the experience the young people enjoyed, but to create awareness in the country and internationally about the need to provide more opportunities for the deaf community”

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