Women have been breaking barriers all across and their zest to achieve success is remarkable. Pakistani women particularly have been giving us surprises lately; be it climbing highest peaks in the world or securing Oscars for the country. You name it and they have achieved it all! A new genre which has been untapped by this energetic gender is stand up comedy. It has been dominated and ruled by seasoned male comedians since ages.

With exposure, education, and bursting confidence these women have opened some new horizons to explore. The comedy scene in Pakistan has improved radically as it has seen a paradigm shift as educated and well spoken individuals have started taking it as a serious profession. A Karachi based female oriented troupe is all set to prove that women can be as funny as men when it comes to stand up comedy.

Khawatoons giving different flavors!

Khawatoons is a female stand up comedy troupe comprising of ten females that started off their impromptu show with “The Auratnaak show” this summer led by Faiza Saleem. Their first show was a huge success as it left people holding their stomachs with laughter as they presented fresh impromptu comedy content.

Faiza expressed her views stating that comedy scene in Pakistan is purely a male dominated society which inspired her to start her own show with all girls troupe. She auditioned many passionate individuals and after some serious search, managed to get hold of seven inspiring females who understand comedy. They vary in their backgrounds and professions; from being a young college student to a bank’s professional branch manager. On total, they have a team of 10 girls, one off stage worker, a PR manager and a Lawyer.

The unique selling proposition of Khawatoons is their diversity among team members. As Faiza quoted, “There are all kinds of girls in my troupe – dark, short, fat, single, engaged and married. We even have a yogi, a banker, a college student and a lawyer.” While expressing her views on racism based on gender she explained, “There is absolutely nothing in the world that women can’t do just as well as men.” Stressing their argument in support of women, she informed that their team will wear a uniform of black shalwar kameez with a waistcoat highlighting that women are above all labels.

Some group members expressed their views about group spirit stating that, “We are going to make sure we make everyone look good and nobody is overshadowed by another’s performance.”

The leader of the team highlighted their professionalism saying that she cannot let a girl perform until she has received a five month training before her first show. She has been a avid supporter of impromptu as she states that she has read a lot about this form of comedy and has been trying hard to improve her own skills in order to bring her entire team up to the mark.

Khawatoons is inspired by a British improvisational comedy show ‘Who’s line is it anyway’. She exclaimed that her moto is to ensure her team shows professionalism and commitment is paid well. This will enable them to attract serious viewers.

Khawatoons is all geared up to perform on July 23rd at the Thotspot, on Badar Commercial with other shows in line to be held at MAD School and PACC respectively. Faiza also has bigger plans of doing an open air show as well and she hopes that their exposure reaches as many people as possible.