7up is an extremely popular soda drink that was manufactured by C.L Grigg, who disregarded all other colas in favor of a lemon and lime soda concoction and we are sure glad that he did. The name and taste of this delectable beverage has remained the same throughout the ages but the packaging and logos have been revamped constantly.

The New Year came with a surprise for everyone as the brand launched a relatively new, simpler logo. The event not only refreshed 7up’s look but also gave some of the crème de la crème of the Pakistani music and entertainment industry a revitalized new look. The idea of giving a new locution to 7up and a distinct style to these celeb’s was to support the theme #Refreshyourlook. Have a look at the video of the event.


The concept of marketing with a new theme and logo works remarkably well especially when done in collaboration with renowned celebrities. The brand utilized this strategy by introducing its hip revamped look. The logo has successfully held a higher rating so far in comparison to its predecessor.


We have a strong feeling that this sleek, out of bright colors and bubbly lettering logo will be a strong hit with the masses as the designing team tried to follow the roots of the brand’s history yet reinforcing the retro vintage appeal.

During the event, seven of the superstars mainly Zoe Viccaji, Farhan Saeed, Urwa Hocane, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Anoushay Ashraf and Uzair Jaswal were selected for the novel makeover. Every one of these personages underwent the magical stylings of Shammal Qureshi from Toni&Guy and are expected to be seen in an upcoming commercial. Zoë Viccaji, Farhan Saeed and Uzair Jaswal uplifted the mood and spirits of the audience by performing their hit singles live.


Sarwat Gillani; a Pakistani film and television actress and a model extraordinaire known for her incomparable and shining screen work and personality was the star attraction of the show. On the event’s eve, while commenting about her very personalized, pleasing look with her hair highlighting red said: “As an actor I usually have to play safe with my look and cannot make drastic changes to my style which eventually makes it very mundane and boring after a while. ”


Organized by Catwalk Event Management & Productions and PR, the occasion turned out to be a bigger event than expected with an amazing guest appearance by Zaid Ali T, a Youtube star sensation which might explain why 7up Pakistan has recently hired Zaid Ali T for brand endorsement.

The newly launched logo looks clean and refreshing with links to the brand’s contemporary history with an appropriately chosen tagline for the campaign: “Fresh Hai 7up ka love” with the official hashtag #Refreshyourlook.

The event was an overall commercial success and was delightfully exciting and will always be remembered as a trend setting event in the history of 7up launches.

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by 7Up.