Great food runs in veins as much as blood does. We are a nation of great heritage when it comes to the culinary delights. Great food is as much an art in our vivid country as it is a tradition. Mouth watering recipes are passed from one generation to next. This is why we take a lot of delight in a well prepared meal. Be it mouth-watering biryanis or succulent kebabs, our passion for food shines through. The multi-national soft drink Giant 7Up realizes this passion of the people and has introduced a new campaign that is taking the collective national taste buds on a joyride. The campaign called #AsalFoodie (the real food lover) has caught on like a wild fire.


We watch ads by the dozen every day. We see Celebrities and Movie Stars urging us to try something or the other in between our favorite shows.  7Up has experimented and come up with some really innovative ways to take the #AsalFoodie theme forward. Be it the Foodie Cruise or Street Food Fests, they have found the pulse of the food loving people. They seem to have hit the bulls eye with their latest campaign.

The bold digital video has food as it’s star and uses humor effectively to grab attention from the word go. The claymation video features a conversation between a vivacious fiery biryani and a proud tangy chat. The ensuing dialogue between the two dishes is absolutely hilarious and has you in splits from the start. Both dishes are vying for the attention of the AsalFoodie and trying to outdo each other in a funny battle of wits. The video shot from food’s perspective has one thinking, what if our favorite dishes could talk!

The Biryani vs Chat showdown reaches a crescendo and both dishes vie to be better than the other and want to be consumed by no ordinary person but only by an AsalFoodie. 7Up appears at this point and true to its name plays the peacemaker between the two. What ensues is something you should check out for yourself. Don’t miss this really different commercial that entertains as well strikes a chord with the audience.

We can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future installments of AsalFoodie TVC’s. Going by its legacy for  innovation, we sure have our fingers crossed and waiting in anticipation.