Headed by Justice Zulfiqar Ahmed, Sindh High Court (SHC) has ordered to reinstate the license of BOL TV. The license of BOL TV was cancelled around one year ago.

During the hearing, the court termed the cancellation as illegal. In addition, the court asked Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and other concerned authorities to let BOL TV work. Justice Zulfiqar also asked PEMRA to submit an official response as to why did they cancel their license in the first place. The lawyer of BOL TV shared the reason of illegal cancellation of the license. He told the court that PBIA sent the complaint to PEMRA due to which unlawful cancellation was made possible.

The decision from SHC is another victory for Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh who was recently granted bail from Sindh and Islamabad High Courts.

Furthermore, the money laundering case against Shoaib Sheikh and 14 other AXACT employees was also dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Background of the case

PEMRA cancelled the license of BOL TV last year in September. They affirmed that they had enough evidence to invalidate all network license associated with BOL TV.

AXACT has already announced to restart its operation in Pakistan. Moreover, Shoaib Sheikh also declared to pay salaries of 15 months to all its employees.

Apparently, everything went smoothly for Shoaib Sheikh and his company AXACT. It seems that BOL TV is also right on the track to achieve the same milestone.

Source: Baaghi