Pepsi has a new campaign and they’re throwing down hints on their Facebook Pakistan page. In the past, Pepsi has not disappointed with its often fun and life changing ideas. This seems to be no exception. While many are guessing furiously what the big deal is, Pepsi isn’t giving anything away except that it’s big and you’re going to love it.

If you’re the kind of person that likes a good puzzle, this is for you. On their social networking pages like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, they’re putting out hints all the time. Maybe you can put it all together. One reader guessed this, “Talking Pepsi bottles?” and the response from Pepsi Pakistan was, “It’s something really very amazing, Keep guessing.” The people are stumped so far with great guesses.


Based on what can be seen from the pictures and posts, it seems like whatever they’re up to is going to enhance communication.

A little poll for you. If you’re on the same page as me, please do a shout out;

1: I believe it’s possible, like many others that it’s an emoji campaign of some sort
2: Someone suggested that it’s a talking Pepsi bottle, seems plausible.
3: It could have something to do with launching the Pepsi p1 Smartphone in Pakistan
4: An enhancement of communication by text based on this statement, “Have you been in a similar conversation? How would you make it sound nicer? We might have a way. Any guesses?”
5: Bringing the food pictures from Instagram into the equation is maybe a big prize that has to do with phones and food.

It would be great to get your feedback on what you think it could be. Choose from the poll options or talk about your own ideas.

Stay tuned for more information that seems to be showing up every day on Facebook Pakistan. As people put out their ideas and get response from Pepsi reps, it may soon become clear.
While the clues might make your brain hurt a little as you try to figure out what the big secret is, you may just figure it out. Check it out and see if you can unravel the big mystery that the masses of people haven’t been able to yet.

DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Pepsi.