What’s life without food? For generations, Pakistan has preserved its culture and heritage through not just its iconic monuments but with also its food! The delectable recipes handed down from one generation to the next have ensured we continue to remain a nation fuelled by its passion for food. After all, nothing else comforts more than a hearty meal that’s servedwith love.

It is this national passion that the soft drink giant Pepsi has recognized and taken it a step further with its new campaign. Pepsi’s campaigns are known to strike a chord with Pakistan, especially the new generation. So whether it sharing our love for cricket or our passion for food, Pepsi has always picked the winner and come out tops. This time it raises the stakes higher and takes our food table where it has not been before – Instagram!

Instagram is the popular social media platform that lets users share and like much like facebook does, only Instagram is all about visual appeal. The world over one of the most popular theme on Instagram is food. So much so that its become as synonymous with food as search has to Google. Pepsi recognized this as an opportunity and launched its newest campaign #ExcitingAbhi that marries our passion for food with Instagram’s visual appeal.

The campaign is quite simply the grid created with a wide array of mouth watering dishes put together articulately to create a table that seems straight out of an Emperor’s feast. There are tantalizing starters, mouth watering main course dishes and devilishly sinful desserts in each section of the grid. All the food that you could ever imagine or yearn for is right on the grid.

So, whether you are a desi at heart, love your Biryani or a connoisseur of global cuisine, and enjoy your Sushi, no one gets left behind with Pepsi’s food grid on Instagram.

Pepsi is known for its creative initiatives and this campaign continues the tradition and pushes the envelope further. What’s even more exciting is that you can participate and join the fun too. Just get clicking with the yummy food on your table with a chilled Pepsi, head over to Pepsi on Instagram and post your pictures with the hashtag #ExcitingAbhi. To make the deal sweeter, there are some fabulous prizes and Pepsi merchandise to the winners.

So, what are you waiting for? Pull out your cameras and get clicking, for life is #ExcitingAbhi!!

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DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by PEPSI.