Unlike the general Hollywood portrayals, heroes rarely, if ever come in flowing capes and pointed masks. The real heroes more often than not are present amongst us, steadily yet silently making their powerful dreams a reality. It is to such great personalities that the new campaign Chamke Hum Se Pakistan is dedicated. These are no chest thumping, cloaked super heroes but men and women from the ordinary walks of life who with their sheer force of will and hard work have made Pakistan proud.

Chand Sitara is the melodious new anthem to Pepsi’s Chamke Hum Se Pakistan campaign that inculcates the very spirit of our hitherto un-acclaimed heroes. This song by Shoaib Mansoor is a treat with its mellow beats and gentle rhythm portraying the beauty of Pakistan as seen through the eyes of our unsung heroes. Let’s take a look at some of these personalities whom we should be proud of.

Unsung Heroes of Pakistan

Fiza Farhan


Fiza Farhan of Pakistan holds the honor of being included in the Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30 entrepreneurs of 2015 list. The 28 year old CEO and Director of Buksh Foundation has amalgamated her love for people and nature in a single project that has touched millions of lives since its inception in 2009.

Buksh Foundation is a microfinance institution that gets clean energy projects to the rural regions of Pakistan. As a part of this project 135 women have been trained as energy entrepreneurs and nearly 6750 households have got electricity through harnessing of solar energy.

Fiza Farhan the force behind this revolutionary project was also nominated as the ‘Future Energy Leader’ at World Energy Council last year. She is the 4th woman from Pakistan to have made it into the exalted portals of the Forbes magazine.

Saad Ali


Saad Ali is the only certified professional Formula One race car driver in Pakistan. This 27 year old firmly believes in following his dreams and in living for his passion. Saad Ali dropped out of the university where he was pursuing a degree in Business Administration in 2006 and decided to pursue his love for motor racing instead.

Racing comes easily to this Formula One wonder who managed to win the very first race that he ever contested in the tracks of Bahrain. Since then Saad has competed in several races in Abu Dhabi, Malaysia and Bahrain and acquired quite a few awards on the way.

The young speed enthusiast firmly believes that Formula One racing is the way to satiate your love for speed in a safe and secure environment.

Zeeshan Abbasi


Zeeshan Abbasi born in July 12, 1982 is the captain of Pakistan’s blind cricket team. He is also the fastest blind cricket bowler of all time. The story of this cricketer is a tale of grit and determination that portrays the very spirit of a hero.

Zeeshan Abbasi has successfully represented his country in 22 one day international matches and 11 T20 matches. He started his career as an international cricketer in 2000 and has gone from strength to strength since then. There was a time when his health was deliberately sabotaged a day before a T20 world cup match. However, the strong, young cricketer survived drinking an entire bottle of phenyl and managed to play the next day as well.

The youngsters of Pakistan can learn a lot from this Pakistani unsung hero.

Mehak Gul


Mehak Gul holds the honor of being the youngest Pakistani to have qualified for the World Chess Olympiad when she was 12 years of age. The fifteen year old prodigy started playing chess at the miniscule age of 6 and has never looked back since then. Over the years the young lady has bagged several championship awards at both provincial and national level.

The success story of Mehak Gul is an inspiration for the youngsters of Pakistan to strive and excel in any field that they select. Hard work and a natural bent can create a success story out of the most mundane of lives.

Haroon Tariq


Haroon Tariq holds the distinction of being ‘Pakistan’s Brainiest Student’, this was what he was called by BBC World News after they interviewed him. Haroon holds the distinction of earning a total of 87 A and O levels as a student. He has created six world records with these scores.

The young scholar also holds the distinction of being the National Book Ambassador, Pakistan which is a great accolade indeed. Haroon Tariq is now the youth ambassador at the prestigious National Youth Assembly where he strives to bring the problems of the young to light. This youngster has truly done our nation proud.

These are some of our little known heroes whom Pepsi plans to celebrate through the Chumke Hum Se Pakistan campaign.