For someone who loves reading books, a bookmark is essential to keep. Now people have all sorts of ways to keep a reminder where they left once reading. Some choose to fold the corner of the page (which leaves the book “dog-eared”), while others leave stationery inside just in case they forget.

You can make your very own bookmark with the help of just a few items like chart paper, markers, lace, glue and a black marker. Many bookworms even choose to create cute pop-up reminders so that they can find the page they left behind. To develop their interest in reading books, many readers suggest that children should be given interesting looking bookmarks to keep. Since I am a bookworm, I understand the need for a bookmark.

Types of cute bookmarks to make:

  • The lace pasted bookmark: It’s easy to make this one. If grandma left her old, vintage lace behind, cut it up in linear form and paste it on the bookmark chart paper according to the length of your book. Leave it to dry and presto! You’ve got your very own antique looking bookmark.
  • Heart bookmark: Take a piece of paper, draw the outline of a heart, cut it out and paste it on a bookmark sheet. Cut it in long, rectangular form. The heart looks adorable peeking out of the book. You can even draw a smiley on it!
  • Bending bookmark: This bookmark type is very cute because it holds the page at the top when you bend it over. Take a piece of paper, cut it in long, rectangular form and draw a smiley face on it. Bend the top over the page and place it in.
  • Proverbial bookmark: Who doesn’t love a bookmark with something wise on it? Pick your favorite saying or adage and paste it on the bookmark. It’s uplifting, thought provoking and positively adorable!
  • Furry friend bookmark: This type is my personal favorite. Take some jean fabric, cut it up in a teddy bear form, add custom made plastic eyes (you can get them from the market) and put it in your book. It looks very sweet.

Some Japanese readers introduced “kawaii” (cute) bookmarks recently in the crafts’ category. Some websites also offer printable bookmarks to download. You could even add your favorite cartoon image to the bookmark and make reading a little funny. Punch a hole in the bookmark, add a ribbon or even a thread with sentimental value, and you’ll have something memorable to keep while perusing a novel.

Some bookmarks can be made even more interesting by getting others to write down on the piece of the chart paper about why they love reading so much. It is inspirational and even meaningful in a way. Use heart shaped bookmarks, lace pasted bookmarks or anything you like. Reading should be made more interesting with the help of a bit of glue, glitter and glace.

Happy reading!