For years we have seen Indian culture mercilessly being imported into Pakistan. First it was through their movies and music, and this was followed by their drama serials. There was also a brief period where Indian fashion and their designers were starting to influence our Pakistani fashion sense.

Slowly but gradually times are changing. First it was our singers that broke the trend and made their mark across the border. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Junoon were the pioneers, followed by the likes of Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, et al.

Then came the actresses which… well let’s just skip that part. Now with Ali Zafar and Fawad Khan, our actors are also showing off their mettle in India.

All this seems impressive, but so far there is still no export of Pakistani culture or values; It is simply our talent packaged in Indian culture, being sold back to India.

However, there is another very interesting development in the works. It has recently been made public that four Pakistani designers will take part in India’s premier fashion event: Lakmé Fashion Week. This is one opportunity where we can export our culture and our styles to the Indian public and influence their tastes for a change.

The designers that will be showing off their collection will include: Faiza Samee, Rizwan Beyg, Zara Shahjahan and Sania Maskatiya. They will showcase their designs alongside 82 other designers at the prestigious Lakmé Fashion Week; which will be held at the Palladium Hotel in Mumbai, from August 20 to August 24.

Rizwan Beyg will put on display his already internationally acclaimed collection Truck Art; inspired by the well-known designs that are featured on Pakistani trucks and busses.

Sania Maskatiya, is well known for her versatile looks and color blending. Her showcase will be a luxury prêt collection called ‘Sakura‘. The collection is inspired by popular Japanese culture and symbolism that represent the beauty and fragility of life.

Sarah Jahan has already made inroads into the Indian market with several clients in the Indian capital. At the Lakmé Fashion week, she too (like Sania) will present a luxury prêt collection.

Faiza Samee has also already made some dedicated clients in Delhi and has attended the Lakmé Fashion Week a few times. This time around, she will be in the spotlight presenting her collection. She plans to focus on Muslim costumes, such as Mughal style coatees and pajamas along with her signature cutting edge work.

This is all really great news and I hope these four really make a strong impact for Pakistan at Lakmé.

The only thing that I don’t understand is that if our singers can sing in India, our actors can act there, our fashion designers can sell there, then why in the world aren’t our cricketers allowed to reap the benefits of the IPL?! I think the Indians are scared we might take over their prestigious league!