The women of Pakistan are well-acquainted with the love and craze of lawn prints come spring and summer. The new collections for these seasons are always widely and eagerly looked forward to each year, and designers work hard to please their ever growing clientele. This time it was no different

Below is a list of some of the lawn brands whose Summer collections have been commended in 2014.

Sana Safinaz

The brand name was established back in 1989 by two designers and entrepreneurs, Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer. Since then, the label has almost monopolized the world of designer wear by venturing into Bridals, Pret, Diffusion and Lawn. It has always managed to bring a new flavor to each of the areas it chooses to dive into. Sana Safinaz has a very strong export line as well. The sheer brilliance and appeal of their products can be gauged from the high sales they make each year.

If there’s a Sana Safinaz exhibition anywhere and anytime, you can be sure it will be sold out the very same day. Their lawn collection is like a breath of fresh air and is looked forward to the most each year. The prints play with colors and patterns, and the high quality fabric means you don’t have to compromise on the comfort for the style in this heat. The brand is focusing on embroidered necklines this summer.


Crescent Lawn by Faraz Manan

The lawn summer collection by Faraz Manan is now out and available for sale in stores since the 23rd of June. Crescent Textiles is one of the most reputed brands in the country and Faraz Manan is amongst the most talented designers. The brand has been in the lawn market for the last five years and makes waves each time their new collection comes out. This year, the brand chose Kareena Kapoor to model their new prints.

The 2014 collection has digital prints, both floral and abstract. The necklines and the front panels are embroidered. The dupattas are made of either high quality silk or pure chiffon. The colors also range from light to darker shades, hosting and showcasing a whole vibrant palette of shades.



Elan was founded in Lahore by Creative Director Khadija Shah and has since rose to worldwide fame. The brand covers a variety of designer wear. The Elan Lawn Spring Summer Collection 2014 has been launched in collaboration with Hussain Textile Mills, and this is the second year of the highly successful and applauded partnership.

This year, Elan showcases designs of printed and embroidered lawn with chiffon dupattas. These were modelled for by Mahira Khan in their new marketing. They feature animal prints, paisleys and graphic art. The individual prints are also given tantalizing labels such as Moroccan cuisine, secret garden, midnight rose, rainbow dream, bohemian rhapsody and butterfly kisses. And if you think they sound good, you should see how they look.


The Joy of Spring and Umar Sayeed Lawn 2014 by Alkaram

In 1986, the Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd came into being as a vertically integrated composite textile mill. Clothes from Alkaram are widely worn throughout the country. Their appeal lies in their vast areas of expertise and their resulting beautiful collections of seasonal, lawn, chiffon, cotton and other varieties of clothing, both unstitched and stitched.

Alkaram released volume 1 of its Spring Summer 2014 collection and its Umar Sayeed Lawn 2014 collection came into stores soon after as well. The collections released this year include lawn dupattas and dyed shalwars, along with the print shirts. The front, sleeves and necklines are also embroidered, keeping with the embroidery trend this year. Digital prints, embroidered lawn and printed lawns feature heavily in these new arrivals. These include Intricate Patterns, Craft in Prints, Vintage Collection, Avant Garde, Metal Dust and Splendor shades.


Kamal Lawn by Zara Shahjehan

Zara Shahjehan is a graduate of the National College of Arts (NCA) in Lahore, and specialized in the Miniature Arts. This means that she has an uncanny eye for details and this shows in her lovely collections as well. Though she only opened up a store in 2012, she has been in the designers’ arena since 2004, giving her a good decade of experience.

Following the success of their earlier Lawn collections the past two years, brand So Kamal launched their Spring/Summer lawn collection for 2014 in collaboration with the aforementioned fabulous designer Zara Shahjehan. This year’s collection is inspired by sub-continental designs and features Indian patterns and motifs.


Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed is what made lawn prints fashionable and pioneered the rise of the industry in Pakistan. The textile retail extraordinaire is no stranger to the fashion business and has made itself a force to be reckoned with when it comes to clothing. The brand has more than forty exclusive outlets throughout the country and has made its way into the hearts and wardrobes of everyone. Their fabric is of the highest quality and their designs something to behold each summer and spring.

The label was established back in 1952 and has since rose to new heights. It has won many awards and earned fashion accolades over the years due to the fine quality of all that is churned out by the style workshops. It is also widely acclaimed abroad due to its fabric and designs.


Luxury Lawn by Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa emerged as a prominent force in the fashion industry, and zeroed in on the niche of designer wear back in 2012. The delicate detailing and overall feel of their clothing is what makes this label stand out from the rest of them in a market that is so saturated already.

The color scheme for this year is a burst of color with blues, greens and oranges and a host of other shades and hues. The clothes from this lawn collection include a shirt, a separate embroidered front, embroidered border for neckline and hemline, a printed back, additional and optional fabric for the sleeves, cloth for the trouser, and a dupatta which is made of premium silk. The prints are a unique blend of modern cuts and traditional patterns. They have a continental spin on them to make you look and feel like the elegant woman you are.