Are you bored of the same food over and again? Do you want variation in your food? Do you want your taste buds to try something innovative and different? Are you up for a change? Are you a foodie? Are you looking for a food revolution? If your answer to all these questions is YES, then congratulations. Your prayer has been answered.

LAHORE, get yourself prepared and geared up for a revolution of flavor this month. Foodpanda is going to bother your rest, make you uncomfortable in your seat or couch by originating a sense of delight, anticipation and anxiousness, all in a good way. Are you not feeling the heat already even though the summer hasn’t hit Lahore yet but the hottest flavor has?

A group of people behind Foodpanda and Jalal Sons identified this opportunity of bringing a food revolution in a foodie-crazy city. The team took it upon themselves to restructure your imagination for the food. While the creation continues, machines are grunting and chimneys are spurting out smoke. The aroma of freshly baked crust has evanesced in the air and there is something pleasantly different about it.

We are officially done with the teaser. Presenting the new talk of the town – The PERI PERI Pizze by Jalal Sons. Did we manage to attain your attention yet? Have a look at this video to be tempted:

Did we manage to grasp your attention? Take a look at this video below:

#FlavorRevolution – foodpanda launches The PERI PERI Pizza by …

Rejoice, Lahore! :D foodpanda launches The PERI PERI Pizza by Jalal Son's, exclusively available to order online via foodpanda mobile app or website. :)The hottest flavor of summer has hit your town. And what better time it is to a part of the #FlavorRevolution? ;) Order NOW with an exclusive 20% discount at PKR 799 only from the foodpanda app or exclusively on foodpanda mobile app or web till 27th March, 2016

Posted by foodpanda on Monday, March 14, 2016

Do you know what Jalal Sons is best known for? Well, a unique pizza with classic flavors of original Afro-Portuguese Peri Peri sauce smothered on the base. Then come juicy and spicy chicken chunks, crisp onions, fresh green peppers and lots of grated mozzarella cheese; baked into a heavenly good ol’ pizza.

Foodpanda never cease to amaze people with deep seated commitment of bringing nothing but the best culinary choices to its customers. Yet again they have delivered the WOW factor by exclusively launching the Peri Peri Pizza by Jalal Sons on its platform which makes this distinctive flavor available to suitably order online from 14th to 27th March in Lahore.

So the new talk of the town has been initiated by Foodpanda and Jalal Sons. Get yourself engaged in this crazy movement, join the discussions on social media with #FlavorRevolution and experience the promise of top notch service with Peri Peri Pizza by Jalal Sons. Do not forget to tease your friends with a picture of sizzling Pizza on social media.


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