Say goodbye to boring drab meal times, for Pepsi is here to add zing to your not-so-exciting chow into something totally awesome. The global soft drink conglomerate has always been synonymous with great food that goes hand in hand with its drinks and great times with family and friends.

Keeping with the tradition of adding spark and excitement to every meal, the new TV commercial campaign whips up appetites with its #ExcitingAbhi theme. The commercial features the heartthrobs of the current generation, Syra and Feroz.

The ad itself is super exciting with the bustling settings of a busy café. It could be a college canteen or a popular and hip hangout. There are tables laden with food that seems drab if not unappetizing. It sure could do with a dash of zing. Cut to our protagonist who has the right solution to spice things up and take it up several notches – an ice cold bottle of Pepsi!

The bubbly drink is opened and voila! The underwhelming food on the table is transformed into mouthwatering and delectable dishes. A  plain-Jane burger flips into a double patty cheesy delight. So does a boring plate of rice into irresistible biryani. Lo and behold, before long there are Pepsi bottles opening all over the café and desi bun kababs are getting mouth watering makeover.

As if this was not interesting enough, the oh-so-adorable Syraenters the café with an insipid plate of food which she didn’t seem to relish as much. But our hero is here to save the day armed with a chilled bubbly in his hands. He doesn’t disappoint either and before she knows it she’s looking at a delicious dish begging to be devoured.


The animation and styling is spot on. The entire theme will resonate with the young generation who are constantly looking for fun and excitement and will not settle for the boring. The brand has also picked the winners with Syra and Feroze, as they will strike the right chord with the target audience.

Above all, the commercial translates the brand’s motto of being the best companion for food and fun times. The campaign successfully manages to convey the idea of turning every day, run of the mill food into mouth-watering delicacies through its storyline. The same is summed up crisply in the tagline ‘khanabaney exciting’.

So, if you haven’t checked out the delicious new meals campaign, do it now. We suggest you keep your favorite meal at hand, with a chilled bottle of Pepsi to go with it. For, after watching the commercial you are bound to reach out to your favorite comfort food and a Pepsi to wash it down with.

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