“According to a tradition reported by Abdullah Ibn Amr (RAA) and transmitted by Darimi (RA), once Allah´s Messenger (SAW) happened to pass by two groups (of Muslims) in the mosque and he said: Both of them are good, but one is superior to the other. One group is supplicating Allah and praying Him. If He so wills He will confer upon them and if He so wills He will withhold. As for those who are acquiring the understanding of religion and its knowledge and are busy in teaching the ignorant, they are superior. Verily I have been sent as a teacher. He then sat down amongst them.”

There are two important things in the incident quoted above:

  1. People who learn and impart the knowledge of the religion are superior
  2. “If He so wills He will confer upon them and if He so wills He will withhold”

Most of you will agree with me when I say that education shapes the destiny and identity of a community and also forms the very basis of all culture and civilization.

Now putting two and two together, shouldn’t we have an education system that has the primary objective of imparting Islam? Especially since we are the ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan.

On the contrary, our education system is busy churning out “elite” who are completely oblivious of the Islamic cultural and moral traditions.

We all know in the back of our minds that the gift our parting ‘lords’, the Euro-Christian educational system, is designed so that it destroys the identity of its adopters and exalts the European/western people and their culture. The west has “secularized” knowledge to an extent that it overthrew religion and truth.

This is why the elite class in our ISLAMIC republic can only play the role of slaves to political and cultural imperialism.

So what do we do? We make it our priority to give our children and ourselves an Islamic Education.

In a situation like ours where there is no Islamic system in place, a Muslim’s primary responsibility is to learn and impart Islam so that it can be a basis for the establishment of an Islamic system. This would imply that one puts in a bare minimum of their time to earn a living just so that their basic necessities are fulfilled and the rest of the time should be dedicated to Islam.

This is of course where the barrage of questions is hurled at the writer:

  • Where does Islam ask us to leave everything?? in fact it is “farz” to earn for your family.
  • How will our children compete with the world then??
  • Etc., etc.

That is why I picked out the second point from the hadith mentioned above. It clearly tells us that it is up to Allah to reward and provide for us. Don’t get me wrong, we do have to make an effort, but sustenance is in Allah’s Hands. There are people who have Masters degrees’ and PHDs and still earn less than people with BCom’s.

Just think about it with an unbiased view. Your son goes to school from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., comes back and sleeps an hour, plays an hour and then starts on his homework. Later on, there is the pressure of university studies and then work. Even after all this he ends up with whatever life “Luck” dishes out.

“The best among you is he who learns the Qur’an and teaches it”.

We need to believe in this and work towards it. This is the only way that we will relive the glory in which the Muslim Ummah once basked. Let us not hold doubts about Allah (SWT) in our minds. Allah (SWT) has told us in the Qur’an:

“If you help Allah (i.e His cause) Allah will help you”.