China has always been supportive and has always extends its support to Pakistan in tough and testing times. Recently on Tuesday, Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong, stated that China is ready to extend all the possible backing to Pakistan to curtail the nuisance of terrorism. He said that the terrorism in Pakistan is the common enemy and Pakistan will always have the support and backing from China.

While talking to the students of Peshawar University, the Chinese Ambassador appreciated the efforts of Pakistan in curbing terrorism in the region. He stated that:

“Pakistan has made tremendous progress in improving its security situation, which is strong source of strength to improve China-Pakistan socio-economic partnership”

Sun Weidong also acknowledged the efforts of improved security situation in the country affirming that the measures will only help strengthen the bond between China and Pakistan. He also made sure that the relationship between two countries is getting stronger with each passing day, with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as a driving force. He stated that:

“China highly appreciates the improved security situation in Pakistan, as it helps push forward the country’s economic agenda and to implement economic corridor project. Pak-China cooperative relationship was getting stronger and stronger with the passage of time, with CPEC as a driving force. These exemplary relations are based on five principles of peaceful co-existence and popular public support from both the countries”

The Chinese Ambassador, while speaking about the CPEC, stated that people from both sides of the country will share the benefits and that CPEC will help also promote peace and prosperity in the whole region and the world at large. He ensured that some of its hydel projects have already been completed in KPK and the implementation process of mega project is on the run and the operations are going pretty smoothly.

While expressing his compassion and grief with the people of KPK and everyone who got affected with the terrible earthquake in the country, he said that the leadership of China and the people of his country were deeply touched over the precious loss of human lives. Immediately he extended his support, both morally and financially, towards the victims.

The Chinese Ambassador, Sun Weidong, said that the Peshawar University will also be donated books from Chinese Embassy for establishing a China’s cordon in its library. He also announced that the students of Peshawar University will also be invited to China. Prof. Hussain Shaheed appreciated the assistance from China and recognized the ambassador for his great support.

Bao Jiqing, wife of Chinese Ambassador and Chinese Cultural Counsellor, Zheng Guojin, were also present on the occasion. Besides displaying martial arts by Chinese artists, a film on China’s social and cultural transformation was also aired during the occasion.