Gone are the days when the doors of our homes remained open till late at night and people kept on coming and going to each other’s places without any threat to security. In today’s Pakistan, Crime is rampant. Pick up a newspaper and you’ll see recent happenings of honor killings, rapes, robberies, murders, domestic violence and whatnot. Although not reported so vehemently as the aforementioned crimes, the incidence of burglaries, too, is rising at an alarming rate.

For example, if we consider Punjab alone, the figure for burglaries has gone up by 109 percent according to the official stats for 2010. And we have to keep in mind that these stats are played down; the real figures remain higher than the ones that get reported.

So how safe are we actually sitting in the comfort of our homes? Truth be told, we are not safe at all.

There are so many ways that the burglars have learnt to engineer through which they cheat people out of their property, and sometimes, even lives. There are many instances when burglaries actually turned tragic with the member of the household losing their lives over saving their personal valuables.

Pick any random person for a conversation on the issue and they’ll be sure to have a few stories of their own experiences on the matter. It happens so frequently it dazzles the brain. The idea behind the crime is simple really. The burglars pick a household that appears vulnerable according to their detailed checking and studying.

More often than not, a burglary is carried out with the help of an insider; this person maybe the household’s help who has been recently hired. Hence, you must investigate the background of a person if you are bringing him into your home. Keeping a copy of the identity card of the person is also helpful although the burglars would definitely have fake ones with them.

It has also happened a lot of times that a person starts frequenting a house just asking for an occasional glass of water or selling some clothes. During their time inside the house, the transgressor takes note of all the happenings in the house, observing minute details: how many family members live in the house, who is present in the house at what times, the entry and exit to the place and the valuables present within easy reach. This information may also be given out by the family members who unknowingly are just being kind to a visitor who is trying to sell them something.

One can never be too careful. Have your main doors locked at all times. Investigate all the people you have hired for help at your place and be wary of trusting them all too soon. Make sure the space created for Window Air Conditioners in your rooms is well sealed by steels railings and grills.

One method to ensure that the police get to your rescue as soon as possible in the instance of a burglary is to install burglar alarm systems in your house.

The alarm system can be set for the whole house and even for separate rooms so when the security of a place is compromised by somebody entering the room, the alarm system goes on. The family members would know the security code so they can turn it off by entering it into the system within the next 2 minutes.

If the alarm system is not turned off in the designated time frame, it automatically gives a signal to the nearest police station of an intruder in the house. The police in turn call up the house and if you don’t answer the phone, the police try to reach the house as soon as possible.

In a world where homes are violated every day, every little thing you do for your family counts.