A team of Pakistan Army won a gold medal in UK’s Army premier patrolling event called Exercise Cambrian Petrol.

The good news was made public by Pakistan Defence when they tweeted the following statement:

“This year, the 59 Punjab from 37th Division / 1 Corps represented Pakistan Army in Cambrian Petrol in the UK and won a Gold medal”

The British Army in Wales also lauded Pakistan Army in their tweet:

“Top marks again for Pakistan. Year after year they deliver a polished performance. Another hard-earned gold medal”

This is not the first time Pakistan Army has made the nation proud. They also won a gold medal in the same event last year when they came out victorious out of 140 teams from armies all over the world.

About the event

Exercise Cambrian Petrol is an event which is organized by the 160th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Wales. The event takes place every year which tests armies physically and mentally from all over the globe. This event is a highlight in the training calendar of British Army.

This exercise is considered as one of the toughest internationally where soldiers are tested both physically and mentally.

What are your thoughts about this proud achievement of Pakistan Army?