National University of Modern Languages (NUML) will teach Balochi language to Chinese and Chinese language to the people of Balochistan. The university will set up a campus in Gwadar primarily to enable the local community of the region to contribute effectively in trade and economic activities that are likely to be generated after the completion of Gwadar port and the Chine-Pakistan Economic Project (CPEC). These projects are implemented along with the participation and financial of China.

President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain has given directives to the administration of NUML for establishing a campus in Gwadar. The objective of this move is to keep the people informed about the future needs and prospects.

PKR 15 million grant and opportunities

The president has also asked the government of Balochistan to provide a suitable land for the campus. Moreover, he has also announced a grant of PKR 15 million for the establishment of NUML campus in Gwadar. In addition, he has also issued orders for an early formation of the campus. Mamnoon Hussain has also made it mandatory for NUML to teach the Chinese language at the new center.

According to the official, the people of the port city would be given priority at the time of admission. He further added that the establishment of NUML campus in Gwadar will help local people to become a part of the workforce for the Gwadar port and various other joint ventures between the two countries.

When asked about PKR 15 million that was announced by the president, the registrar of NUML, Aminullah Khan answered:

“The university had received Rs 15 million for the establishment of the Gwadar campus. However, we require Rs 26 million for furniture, equipment and one-year salary of staff provided the Balochistan government gives us at least two buildings to run the campus. We have written to the president, the Higher Education Commission and the education ministry to use their good offices to ask the Balochistan government to provide land so that NUML can construct its own building in Gwadar”

Chinese to learn Balochi and vice versa

The registrar of NUML, Aminullah Khan stated that the primary aim behind the establishment of NUML campus in Gwadar is to teach Chinese to the people of Balochistan and teaching Balochi language to Chinese nationals.

He further stated that the university will offer course in 4 languages on the initial basis. The languages include Arabic, Balochi, Chinese and English. As time goes by, more languages will be added.

The registrar also added that the people of Balochistan are eager to learn Chinese language, according to a survey conducted. It will help the local community to secure jobs and opportunities later.

Aminullah Khan also informed that Punjab government had already made the teaching of Chinese language mandatory for all schools, colleges and some universities too.

Who, in your opinion, would be able to learn the language faster?

Source: Dawn / PHOTO: AFP