In an unfortunate incident, an Italian hiker Leonardo Comelli died while attempting the first ski descent of Laila Peak (Karakorum, Pakistan) in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. 27-year old attempted to descend a 6,000 meter (19,685 foot) peak, the Alpine Club of Pakistan said Saturday.

Some extreme adventures come at a cost. At times, the risk involved is could be life-threatening as it proved to be in the case of Italian alpinist who traveled to Pakistan to accomplish a rather tough dream that no one has succeeded in achieving so far. He had the idea of what he was getting into and was probably aware of the consequences too.

The spokesperson of the Alpine Club of Pakistan, Karrar Haideri, told AFP:

“Leonardo Comelli, 27, an Italian alpinist lost his life on Thursday while making a ski descent from the 6,096-metres high Laila Peak”

According to the club, Leonardo Comelli was accompanied by 3 other members; Carlo Cosi, Zeno Cecon and Enrico Mosetti, who remained unhurt in the incident.

As a part of a four member team, Comelli and Co. were turned away just 150 meters shy of the peak by incoming weather. The group decided to descend and during their ski descent, Italian mountaineer crossed ski tips and fell 400 meters through treacherous terrain. The other team members ultimately skied to his location and were able to remove his body from the mountain.

Leonardo Comelli came from Muggia, a small town on the outskirts of Trieste. He started rock climbing at a young age of 16. He was about to become an Aspirant Mountain Guide and apart from being a good climber, he was also a very talented and passionate photographer.

Leonardo Comelli was always keen on exalting action up the mountains with his friends, especially in his beloved Julian Alps which he explored continuously, always in search of rock, ice, snow and the perfect photo. He along with 3 other members arrived in Karakoram Range in late May to summit the peak but unfortunately he lost his life while trying to descend a 6,000 meter peak.