How many of you adore Mangoes to the core? There is hardly any individual who doesn’t like the very existence of the king of fruits, Mango. The season of this sweet fruit is currently on in Pakistan and you can please yourself by eating it raw or by creating a Mango shake for yourself that will give you a thrill deep down in the scorching heat.

According to a report, the largest Mango cluster that exists in the world is in Pakistan which is expanded over 370 kilometers which starts from Kabirwala and concludes at Fazilpur, Rahimyar Khan. The export of Mangoes is mere 6 percent of the total production whereas Pakistan consumes the remaining gigantic chunk itself.

Director of Mango Research Institute, Mr. Mushtaq Alvi said that no consignment was returned last year due to fruit fly (a small fly which feeds on fruit in both its adult and larval stages). While speaking to APP on Monday, he stated that:

“The crop was bumper this year. Last year no consignment of the country returned due to fruit fly issue”

Mushtaq Alvi further stated that the current plants setup doesn’t serve the purpose in the province and that he has written to the Government to get their assistance. In a statement, he stated that:

“We had recommended Punjab government to install up to 10 new hot water treatment plants because existing 9 did not serve the purpose in the province”

While replying to a question, Director of Mango Research Institute, Mr. Mushtaq Alvi said that Guava was the house to fruit fly as it kept on producing fruit round the year. To refrain from the issue, he has also advised the farmer to cease planting Guava in the groves of Mango.

There was valuable information given by Mr. Mushtaq Alvi when he tipped farmers to bury the fruits in the soil as soon as they drop from the tree. When the farmers will implement this practice, the problem of fruit fly will be resolved by 80 percent.

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